Assassin’s Creed Movie – It Doesn’t Live Up To The Expectations

Alright guys, so if you don’t live under a rock, by now you know that there’s a movie about the popular video game, “Assassin’s Creed”. While I believe that the critics simply butchered the movie’s real score, it still doesn’t shine to the expectations of getting sequel.

First of all, and to let me get this out of the way too, I played the first game and a part of the second one as well and let me tell you, the story is nothing like any of them. Sure the premise is based on the same, powerful artifacts that could possibly lead to world domination, the story is a lot different than the one portrayed in the first game. Just for you to have an idea, the first game happens in Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus throughout the Third Crusade’s era (1189–1192).


Of course that such a thing was already explained in the trailer depicting that the Animus, a machine that traces your ancestors’ memories,  would reveal Aguilar’s memories in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition through Callum Lynch. Aguilar is an assassin from the creed and is also Callum Lynch’s ancestor and both of them are played by Michael Fassbender.


However the premise is pretty much the same. At an early age, Callum Lynch saw his dead mother killed by his own father, who turned out to be an assassin from the creed. Callum ran away  from the scene and the time skipped twenty years or so, to where he was convicted to the death row because of a murder. He was given the lethal injection and he thought that he was done for this life, but he woke up inside of Abstergo Foundation, a scientific facility in Madrid, set with the purpose to eliminate human violence through the use of science. Although what they really wanted was to get to the Apple of Eden, a powerful artifact that may take away humanity’s free will, therefor setting the world into an era of peace.


For that purpose, they’ll use the Animus to trace back Aguilar’s memories through Callum. Once synchronized, Callum would relive his ancestor’s memories and hopefully, he would uncover the artifact’s location or a lead to where it could be. The experiment was painful at first and Cal was confused about everything happening. The facility had a lot of test subjects, very few were sane, a lot of them were insane and others even in a kind of vegetative state. Some of the sane ones were aware of who their ancestors were and what the templars, the ones who currently in charge the facility, were after.

Villains in the present.

Once Cal was persuaded to enter the Animus by his own volition, he quickly followed the memories of his ancestor and obtained not only the location of the Apple of Eden but also his skills as an assassin. A riot then occurs and the other assassins try to break him free while sustaining a couple of casualties.

Villains in the past.

So far so good in my opinion. I’ll not lie, the action is akin of what one would expect of an action movie, but nothing that glorious. Although there’s hardly any stealth or assassination per say… There was only fast paced combat, a parkour chase through the roofs of Granada and a horse pursuit  filled with some combat in between. The story starts kinda confusing for someone who hasn’t played the games, but they quickly pick the purpose and the plot of the movie after the first three or four scenes.

Everything was going well until the riot, when the president and scientist, father and daughter, finally located the whereabouts of the artifact. Both left the facility, the scientist against her will, and then an order to purge the installations was given. They tracked down the artifact and then hosted a meeting with the templars in London to share the discovery of the Apple of Eden and their consequential success in pacifying the world by taking the free will out of humanity.

Security was tight there, metal detectors and guards everywhere in a theater or coliseum kind of place. The entire order of the templars was there, a bunch of old people clapping while Jeremy holds the Apple of Eden and then, out of nowhere, Cal appears half a dozen feet from him and slits his throat. People run in panic and the guards either vanished entirely or they ran away as well… This is not ok… At all… What kind of anti climatic crap was that? Then Cal grabs the artifact and leaves an actual apple in Jeremy’s hand and vanishes as well. Jeremy’s daughter swears revenge for her father and boom, roll credits…

By the current reviews and analysis of the critics, the possibility of a sequel is extremely reduced. I went to the theater last Saturday for the 6:20 PM session, first weekend since the movie’s debut and the room was like 35% occupied… Warcraft had more people in a day of the week at night…


I wouldn’t necessarily call it a waste of my time, but comparing to other movies, I think I’m gonna call it a waste of my money at the very least. The story was not compelling enough and the action was mediocre at best. I was hoping for more stealth and intrigue while inside the Animus and not that many combat sequences. And then the climax was just nonexistent as Cal simply walks in, grabs the Apple and simply walks out again. Oh well… The curse continues.




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