YouTube Recap – 5th of January, 2017

Hello hello!

Been a while since I addressed my YouTube channel… As usual right?

I have around 8k views across all my videos, which are 150+ by now. Not much I know, but I’m not putting much effort on them and to be honest, I don’t get the concept of attracting audiences. I got my 30th subscriber today, 6 months after starting uploading videos to YouTube.

In the near future, I’ll probably upload some book reviews from the Warcraft universe and conciliate these same reviews with the reviews of the blog. Short ones ranging from 5 to 10 minutes of duration.

I still have a lot of content from World of Warcraft to show, related to the current expansion’s lore. Legion has a specific set of quests for each class throughout the leveling experience and even after reaching level 110, the max level for this expansion. I recently uploaded the entire campaign of the Death Knight, and will soon upload the campaign of the Paladin and Demon Hunter in that specific order.


I’m still longing to continue my Witcher 3: Blood and Wine playthrough but now I actually need to see what I’ve done so far because I don’t remember the details of where I were. Shame on me! I should have continued to play the game! I don’t know why I stopped exactly…

Overwatch and Total War: Warhammer are currently on hold. Overwatch because I have to keep recording the matches to see if I get something funny and that takes a lot of space on my hard drive. It also sucks to look for these parts in the games. Perhaps I should delete the video if there isn’t something worth to show right? I’m so clever! /facepalm… As for Total War: Warhammer I haven’t been playing it, but I know there are some DLC which contain some decent story it seems, but for now I’m not paying for something that I won’t play right away and I still have a lot of alts to level up in World of Warcraft.

Last but not least in any way, shape or form, I’m designing a short video clip to tribute one of the best villains I have ever seen. And I’ve already said too much about it!

Here’s to hoping that I captivated you to check my channel there! Don’t worry, I’ll share about that video clip once it’s uploaded for everyone to see!

Have a nice week!

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