Divided. We, humans, have always found a way to divide ourselves more and more through the course of time.

Race. Religion. Customs. Appearance and musical taste. Even in our origins, ranging from  your country to your province, to your city, to your neighborhood and even to your street.

We humans have always tried to climb over the top of our society, whichever that may be. By stepping upon others in a variety of ways or by simple hard work and commitment, the homo sapiens always sought to reach the highest mountain, to obtain as many riches as it could and to build the tallest and most spacious building in the world. Always trying to reach the top. And when we can’t reach the top, we seclude ourselves within a sect of our species, most of the time to compete with another sects.

Competition. That’s what brought humans to evolve and to survive to this very day. The stronger survived before, and although the concept of strength changed over the past years, the stronger will continue to survive despite the changes of its concept. Either through war, political manipulation or wealth.

We will continue to grow apart from each other. To build walls, to kill ourselves, the environment and other species that surround us. Because that is how humans are. That is how we have reached so far and that is probably how we will continue to be, even after a major environment disaster or nuclear war.

The human race dominates the Earth, driving countless of species to extinction and enslaving many others. And yet, on its greed and cultural differences we still fight with one another because of the pettiest differences and beliefs. That is how it has been, and that is how it will continue to be.


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