Sausage Party – Movie Review

Sausage Party! The adult animation video that the adults wanted to see but quickly discovered that it was not suitable for their kids to watch… Even though countless warnings were made in the posters…


The movie begins with Frank and Brenda, a sausage and a bun, that were in love but were separated in two distinct boxes at the aisle where their packages formed the hotdog promotion. Of course, they are in a supermarket and we’re talking about products who talk, think and demonstrate their emotions.

They all think that when the Gods (humans) take them outside to the Great Beyond, that they will live a good and outstanding life, much like the bases of most religions. There’s even a song that they all sing at the beginning of each day, although its lyrics are pretty much sarcastic than the ones we should expect to a blind society like theirs.


They all hope to be taken away, but they don’t suspect a thing of what will happen to them once they reach their next destination. And after a honey mustard manages to get back due to the return policy, the words of horror that came out of its mouth simply ignored by all the others. In the end, the honey mustard was declared simply crazy.

And to resume the rest of the story very quickly, the package of buns and sausages were taken to a home, where the woman simply sliced, and ate most of the food that she brought. One managed to survive and return to the supermarket where he successfully convinced the others that it was all a lie. With everyone together, they rebelled against the people in the supermarket and managed to kill all of them. And how did they celebrate? With a huge, multi sex orgy, between every inspired race and religion portrayed in the movie.


All in all, this movie was a good entertainer with some humor along the way. Perhaps if I were younger I’d find it funnier. But there is an interesting analogy here. And that’s about religion. They even cast a Muslim and a Jew for the secondary roles… And then they added homosexuality too! Basically, what I got from the movie was, in the supermarket, the products had to behave in order to be chosen by the Gods. The bun for example was destined to be with a sausage and even when the taco(displayed below) showed interest in her, the bun declined her because she had to behave in order to be chosen. But once they discovered that everything was lie, everyone just rebelled and then celebrated with a huge, multi-cultural orgy of both sexes.

That’s basically, live how you want as long as you don’t bother anyone else right? Also, don’t take your kids to watch this movie, you’re gonna regret it because your kids won’t…




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