Doctor Strange – Movie Review

Doctor Strange. Marvel’s newest entry into its cinematic universe just made a stunning entrance into the theaters.

Strange is a proud neurosurgeon with lots of money and everything good that comes with it. Outfits, clocks, cars, you name it. But after a tragic (but deserved) car accident, Strange was pulled out of his car barely alive and went through a lot of surgery. When he woke up, his hands, his most precious treasure, were damaged beyond fixing.

He wasted almost every cent he had in his possession, trying to get his hands back to how they were before the accident. He had no success in achieving that.

When he noticed that the western medicine would not be of much more help to him, Strange opted to follow the mystical eastern medicine and pursued a lead to Kathmandu in Nepal. Once there, he finally crossed paths with one of the monks/magicians(?) that he was seeking.

At the beginning he was not accepted but after showing much persistence, Strange was admitted inside and accepted as a student in the order by the Ancient One.

The Ancient One

He was taught, and in time his hands began to heal. He also learned a lot of hidden knowledge regarding spiritual energy and how it could be used in a lot of different ways. Of course there was also hidden, forbidden knowledge that he managed to borrow, thus becoming aware of a renegade of the order who sought to break the wards on planet Earth so that Dormammu, an entity of the timeless dark dimension, could devour earth and set them free of time. The story goes on from there until the two eventually meet and fight to defend/eliminate the magical wards that prevent Dormammu from consuming Earth.

Kaecilius, the Renegade

So half of the movie we watch Strange as a cocky, proud doctor and then we see him falling from grace, delving deeper into despair until he finds a little beacon of hope that he holds onto with the strongest mental grip. Once that hope becomes solid, he then focuses on his studies to improve himself as best as he can.

On the other half, we have the conflict and the real introduction to Kaecilius, the one who sets the events in motion to break the wards in planet Earth.

The story did not seem rushed and there are little humor moments that hit just the right spot. Action sequences are cool, but we really don’t get much of the concept of this kind of spiritual energy and how they change things and perceptions, and the creation of portals and… so many things actually…


As usual we see a lot of references to the MCU like the Avengers’ tower, a lot of references to pop culture and the traditional Stan Lee cameo for example.

There’s a sense of accomplishment with this movie, in the sense that the introduction story was well implemented and now we can move forward from that. I’m wondering how Marvel and company will be able to put together so many characters in Infinity Wars! I bet it will put Civil War down the scale by far!

Doctor Strange is definitely worth to watch!


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