Luke Cage: Netflix Series – Review

Luke Cage, the mutant that appeared in some episodes of Jessica Jones has earned his own show and what a magnificent show it is!

After moving on from his past job, Luke moved to Harlem and managed to get two jobs, one at a barber shop by day and another at a club (Harlem’s Paradise) by night. Luke was still keeping his powers a secret and only Pop, the barber shop’s manager, knew about it.

As in most urban areas, there’s gangsters, drugs, prostitution and illegal favors among politicians. This area of New York is not different in that aspect. Everything starts with an illegal weapons deal between two groups of gangsters. That deal is taken by assault by three individuals, one of them who overheard where the deal would take place and another who visited the barber shop frequently. One of them was killed at the spot so that the other two could have more money for themselves.

Of course, the money was stolen and the weapons were taken in Police custody and hence all chaos breaks loose. Cornell, a predominant crime lord and owner of the Harlem’s Paradise, begins a chase to get his money back. Everything was fine until one of the robbers sought refuge in Pop’s Barber Shop, since he was asked by Luke to come to Pop so that they could figure how they would resolve the situation.


Cottonmouth (Cornell) gets to know that half of his money is now in Pop’s Barber Shop and he sends his goons there for a peaceful negotiation, since Pop’s Barber Shop was known as Switzerland for its neutrality in the past and also because Cornell has a past with Pop. Well, one of his goons did not grasp the concept of patience and he simply picked on a machine gun and turned Pop’s Barber Shop into a Swiss cheese, killing Pop in the process and fatally wounding the kid involved in the assault, while Luke embraced one young kid to protect him from the bullets.

From here on out, all hell breaks loose. Luke Cage takes matters into his own hands as he tries to figure out how to act and how to be a hero in the people’s eyes, while sending the scum of Harlem to jail at the same time.


First of all, this series gives me a vibe which was not known to me before, a vibe of how African-American take their legacy, how they fight to conquer their dreams and how they persevere against their stereotype in general. Some of them do, while others, not that much. There are people who did some bad things and corrected themselves after and there were people who did bad things and continued to do bad things. Damn, there were even people who were actually good and then turned around and said “Fuck it, that’s not what I am.”. SPOILER AHEAD – I’m looking at you Scarfe…

These two ladies form the love triangle with Luke Cage. The kind nurse that we have already seen in Daredevil, Claire Temple and the detective who was raised in Harlem, Misty Knight. While Misty works at Harlem Police Station, Claire decided she needed a break from Hell’s Kitchen after what happened to her in the hospital. If she could only know, that after that one, she was going right to another problem.


The show continues to scale up in terms of crime and damage. Everything counts, and Harlem will go through a hard phase. And it gets even worse when Diamondback, the guy in the image above, appears to mess up with Luke about something in the distant past.

From the action to the phenomenal music, from the fights to the excellent acting, once you’re done with Luke Cage, you’ll be with tears for not having more of it. A big thumbs up to Shades and Cornell, definitely two damn bad asses who got their performance right on spot!


I loved Luke Cage! The episodes and the actor as well! He’s not your typical kind of hero. He thinks. On his actions, on the consequences. And most of the time, he doesn’t get it right. But that’s something! Seeing a hero thinking on how to act, what the consequences could be, that’s something you don’t usually see. This first season of Luke Cage not only shows the moments of the present, but also the moments of Luke Cage’s past, which will then culminate to the end of the season.

Again, I emphasize, I loved Luke Cage. The actors, the action, the music. Some unpredictable story segments. Just wow. I’m getting spoiled with these Netflix series…




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