A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.9 – Farewell Summer

Hello Autumn. Until next time Summer!


The season has passed. At the beginning of September all Lifeguards notice a huge decrease in the flow of people, here at the zone where I work, the number of Lifeguards gets cut almost in half for the same areas since there are a lot fewer people coming to the beach.

By the last three or four days, the bars begin to store their materials away. Chairs, tables, parasols, etc. The small tents were already being disassembled since the beginning of the month and only a handful of them remained for the eventual tourist.

This was the hardest summer for me as a Lifeguard. It was also the first time that I worked full time (10 hours a day, every day). Even though I lacked some free time, I still managed to keep up to date with my friends and girlfriend, as well as keeping my side projects on the run (although somewhat slowed down obviously).


It was the most tiresome Summer, but it was also the most rewarding, and I’m not talking about the monetary gains towards myself. Being in a position of some authority in a specific place for some time will definitely place you in a spot where you have to talk with people. The people who come to the beach for leisure, other Lifeguards or similar authorities, the people who work at the bars, etc.

Without these kind people, my time at the beach would have been much duller in the hours when nothing happens or the weather is simply bad for a visit to the beach. I must be there even if there’s a storm going on.

My colleagues at the adjacent beaches proved to be awesome people, people whom I shared many conversations during the dead hours. In between jokes and serious conversation, they were great company every time.

Now, the people at the bar! Never had I expected that such a bond would be formed under these circumstances. We even went out a couple of times despite the difficult schedule that they performed during the day at the bar. Mostly well humored, the people there always had some joke prepared regarding my job when I passed by, as I had for theirs. It had been a while since I made new friends.

The owners already knew me from my previous years as a Lifeguard there, and they were always nice to me as I believe I was nice to them as well. Anyone else ate more than 60 Berlin Balls during the Summer? (Gotta keep this body in shape!) Perhaps not all Lifeguards consume as much as I do. But then again, they’re probably in better shape than I…

This is a Berlin Ball! They’re so, so tasty!

Then there were also people who passed by the beach daily, whom I eventually got used to talking to, as well as some of my friends who also passed by to talk with me for a while. Thanks for passing by! I really appreciated the gesture!

It was a Summer filled with experiences, both new and old ones and it certainly left a mark within me, a mark that I’ll carry throughout my journey in this existence. A mark that upon looking at it, it can only bring joy to my very being.


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