A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.8 – Restrained Fury

If you remember from my previous entry on this category, I have passed through a near-death experience which you can read all about it here: goo.gl/ta5J8P


After all that, just fifteen minutes after I left the beach in order to go home and recover, one little man, a colleague of mine who works for the same association as I do, came around by the beach where I work, shouting, furious and shirtless looking for me. He said that to my partner, who was covering for me, that I was a coward, that I abandoned the victim, in between several name calling, etc…

Little did I know at the time that this little man had already spread rumors, alongside serious accusations that could result in very serious trouble for me with legal persecutions. Imagine that you gave everything to take someone out of the water and that if without help, you’d be joining the drowned in the same room at the hospital… Yes, that one, the morgue. And then the first call that the president of the association for which you almost gave your life for, calls saying that there was a rescue and that I didn’t even enter in the water?! Are you fucking joking with me?

Here’s a picture of myself when I got to the shore after being rescued. Taken by an unknown source.

Then I connected the dots because at that time I did not know that this little man was searching for me. So he is the boyfriend of the Lifeguard who came with me to the rescue. I don’t know what the fuck she told him but whatever it was, it will come back to bite them both in the ass, one way or the other, karma will find its way.

Here are some of the pictures of my wounds. Just because I didn’t go to the hospital that makes me less of a Lifeguard or even a person during/after the rescue? If you’re close to me, you know what this line means. I don’t care if I don’t get any credit. I don’t care if she gets all the credit. Now I will definitely care if someone says the exact opposite of what happened when I had my own life on the line.

Luckily for him, I had left the beach before his arrival, because if he approached me like the description that my partner gave me, oh boy, I wouldn’t restrain myself from hurting him.

Not only was my pride as a Lifeguard broken, this excuse of a man was also taking my honor alongside it as well. For the next two weeks, I kept thinking. On the rescue. What could have been done better. What went wrong. On what I’d say to this little man should I encounter him. Day and night, night and day. Thoughts that kept coming, regardless of how distracted I could be with something else.

And then I thought, if this little man does not come to me again, then I will find him and make him spill the words that he so eagerly spread out before. Of course, that wouldn’t happen… By the time that he so simply looked back at me, I’d jump at him with everything I got and I wouldn’t save the use of both knees and elbows that’s for sure.

It wasn’t until the day that I knew that I would find him, that I commented on what I was about to do with two other men at the beach, men who worked there. One dismissed the idea right away, but the other, however, insisted plenty of times to just let it go. Then he gave me an example, of a friend of his that had his head shoved into a wall and then he punched the one who did that to him, punched him so hard that the left half of his face was almost destroyed, causing him to pay 2.500€ for the damage and while he was not the first one to start with, his head had practically nothing wrong with it, invalidating any damage on him.

The words began to echo within my mind as I quickly adapted that scenario to myself. At the end of the day, I knew he was going to be there to receive the last paycheck, as would all Lifeguards. I restrained myself. Very, very hard. I stared at him every time he was within my sight. “Oh pal, if you would just take a glimpse at me. You wouldn’t even see it coming.” I thought. I was checking for a hint of provocation. Anything. A glimpse of a fraction of a second and I’d leap at him, unleashing everything I had been accumulating for the past few days. But I held on and without any provocation, I couldn’t simply knock out the little man.


In the end, it was not my honor that was stained. It was his, he who didn’t have the courage to approach me to apologize for his false accusations towards myself.



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