A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep. 6 – Exhaustion

It is almost over. I’ve been working since June 21st without a day off and I am exhausted. Not physically speaking but the way my mind functions is clearly affected by this routine.


I constantly lose the track of the days and I can’t keep myself concentrated long enough to write not even 50% of what I used to. My patience is always on a short leash, probably due to the lack of free time that I have now, compared with what I had before… which was… all the time.

Having no way to train during the week, except for Tuesday, due to schedule incompatibilities is also one of the downsides. I can’t wait to return to my usual practice classes to improve my body and my fighting skills so that I can participate in a light tournament that’s going to happen in the 5th of November.

The thing that tires me the most, however, is to be constantly ready, both physically and mentally, to help whoever can be at risk. A kid that ventures farther into the rocks or an old man who goes against the waves right in the area where they blow, risking to be knocked aside and then swallowed by the waves and into the sea.

I don’t know if the other lifeguards feel the same, but being constantly vigilant proved to be tiresome now that I’m working 10 hours every day for the first time in the Summer and it changed the way I am outside working hours as well.

Now in September, I’ll be working intermittently, one full day at a time, with my partner from the beach adjacent to where I work. These two beaches are then in charge of a single lifeguard instead of two, mainly due to the decrease in the flow of people in that month.


At last, I’ll be able to sleep the entire morning. Please Friday, come fast. My watch is coming to an end. Soon.

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