Situation Point – 25th of August, 2016

Book cover
Hello there! Been a while since I updated this category, mainly because I have been busy with work and my YouTube Channel.
Regarding the status of the remastered edition of Enclave – Creation, I have already adapted the file to the A5 page size (was A4 before), increased the letter size from 11 to 12 and broke down the existing chapters into smaller ones.


Only for you to get an idea of what it looked like and how it looks like now, before the changes the file had 135 A4 pages and 5 chapters. Now it has 290 pages and 14 chapters.

When I finish this process, I’ll read and edit the book along the way with some modifications regarding on how the scenes are described but in truth I won’t be adding any new content to the book itself. (Unless my opinion towards one scene in particular really forces me to change it.)

Hopefully I’ll be able to launch it by the end of September with the 1$/1€ promotion and if my cousin is willing to make a back-cover, perhaps a physical edition as well! Although it will surely be expensive due to the images and colors… Oh well it will be pleasant to have one for myself nonetheless. Even though it will cost a lot for a simple book.

The second part will be announced right after the relaunch of Enclave – Creation and it will continue the story right after the events of Creation. It shouldn’t give me more trouble than the first part so it will come soon after the relaunch!

That’s everything I have to share regarding the progress of my literary works. I hope that you keep checking the blog for more info about it and the other projects that I’m involved with.
I wish you a good week and I’ll see you soon!


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