Happy one year anniversary!


Happy birthday to the blog!
That’s right, it has been one year that on this same day, Through Fantasy and Reality was created here at WordPress.


While there’s still around two dozens of posts to reach 100, the blog has been receiving visits from all over the world since April, and has been growing ever since. In July the number of visits and views surpassed those of June, turning the July of 2016 the best one yet.
The visits come mostly from Portugal and then from USA, and they compose almost 90% of my views. Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and France make 5% of the views. While the rest is made of around fifteen different countries.

Death Chapter 1
Death’s 1st Short Story
Lifeguard’s Saga
D&D sessions delayed beyond redemption(?)

The content that you can find here is rather diversified. From short stories about Death, Fear or my Lifeguard’s Saga to spontaneous reviews of a book, a movie or even a game.
I also keep track of the progress of my ebooks through the Situation Point category and now most recently the progress of my YouTube Channel as well.

Book cover

To mark this date and to share the blog with more people I’ll uphold an event throughout August in which if you share the respective post or tweet you may be eligible to earn a digital copy in pdf of my book Enclave – Creation once it is updated. All participants will be given a number and then I’ll create five numbers randomly generated by the computer to determine the winners. Five for Facebook and five for Twitter. Only an entry is valid, although if you share on Facebook and retweet on Twitter you will have two entries in the contest instead of only one. Only personal shares/retweets are valid, sharing on pages etc will not count as an entry. When the winners are selected I’ll contact them by messaging their social media account and send the prize to the email that they give me.

Here’s the Facebook post that you must share to enter in the contest: https://goo.gl/HTUiJ6

Here’s the Tweet that you must Retweet to enter in the contest:

Well, that’s what I have planned and with some luck I may earn some more coverage around the self publishing sector with what I’m currently working on. Let’s just see if I can actually get more than 5 shares/retweets… (/chuckles with some tears in the corners of both eyes).

Keep checking in for some new content or to keep yourself updated about the progress of my projects, if you’re interested of course. I wish you good and I’ll see you next time!



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