Suicide Squad – A neutral review from a non-fan.


Ei there! As the title says, I’m not a fan. Neither from DC nor Marvel. I like some of their works and when something with their brand names comes out into the big screen, I’ll move my ass to the theater to watch it. Right on the first day that it becomes available…

So now onto the movie and just to make sure you know, SPOILER ALERT! I’m not refraining on spoilers so if you don’t want to be spoiled about the movie just don’t read this. Consider yourself warned!

The main idea of the movie is good. It is interesting and it is something that wasn’t explored before, at least with my own eyes. Putting together a band of thieves, mercenaries and unstable individuals with a remote kill switch in order to do some good work. Or at least that’s what the government was aiming at.

At the beginning of the movie, we’re introduced to how the characters got caught, with special debuts from the Batman (Ben Affleck) and the Joker (Jared Leto). I was enjoying this first part, as Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) tries to form her task force X, (not officially named Suicide Squad in the movie) while at the same time getting approval from her superiors to command it.

So far so good, everything is going great, Amanda gets her approval and then out of nowhere, Enchantress possesses her host once more and teleports to Amanda’s room looking for her heart (its her kill switch). Amanda is sleeping but the briefcase that has her heart has a proximity detector, so she just turns around, teleports somewhere (near Amanda’s room I think) and then there’s a statuette that contains the Enchantress’s brother, which she breaks and releases him into a fitting male human body. Both of them seem like Azetec witches, or at least they’re heavily inspired on their looks.

Amanda is quickly alerted to Enchantress’s betrayal and quickly stabs her heart in the briefcase. However, her brother was already powerful enough to help her and since he was near his sister, he added some of his power into her, allowing her to be unaffected by the damage. Quickly enough she says that the humans do not revere them (their kind) any longer and that she will build a weapon, a machine that will make the humans revere it instead of revering their current satellites and weapons of war.

Midway city (the city where Enchantress and her brother begin to build their weapon and an army) is then evacuated under a pretense that a terrorist attack is happening and the task force that Amanda assembled is sent to retrieve a critical target.

Until this moment, everything seems good to me, the comedy, the introductions and some of their drama, the music and even the first bits of action against a swarm of enemies who are really not very tough. But then, the drama of the characters and some of their choices to escape the command of who’s in charge of them are too weak and forced upon one another. The antagonists appear very little and even their minions are simple dirt bags, mindless minions with black blisters that have machine guns attached to their arms. The goal is to stop Enchantress and her brother but the way to get there is so messed up and complicated. Even the final fight against her brother and then against Enchantress is so underwhelming. El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) shows his fire powers and then transforms out of nowhere in a kind of giant shaman in flames (Azetec origin as well? Thought he was a meta human but nothing bad to point here) and stalls the brother of Enchantress (seriously what’s the name of this guy? does he even have one?) until a bomb is detonated from below killing both of them. The final battle against Enchantress herself was not bad but that last moment to end her weapon/spell with the overuse of the slow motion at the end. Oh my gosh. It was so anti climatic in my fair opinion.


After saving the day, the remaining members of the Suicide Squad are placed back in jail with some extra bonuses for their deeds in a moment of need. But in the end Joker comes back once more and this time he succeeds in saving his Harley.

So TL:DR, the movie is not bad but it is not that good in my opinion. Comedy was fine. Music was awesome! Action was so-so and the story line was a mess from the middle to the end of the movie. The special effects looked awesome by the way. I don’t really know what happened with the story after the middle point. Did they switch the ones in charge of it in the middle of production? It seemed so out of place…

Anyway, if you saw the movie, tell me about it. Did I miss anything or am I making a good point here?



  1. Partilho a mesma opiniao. A musica estava excelente com as cenas. Bastava ter Queen e Eminem que para mim está otimo. As personagens tambem sao inteessantes, mas viram amiguinhos muito rapidamente xD o problema é mesmo o argumento confuso.

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