YouTube Channel Recap – 31th of July, 2016


Hello there and welcome to another YouTube Channel Recap! As I have said in one of my posts before, I’m now currently doing these kind of posts only when the content that I’ve uploaded surpasses a certain amount of videos. Well, it seems that the quantity seems to fit my taste and as such, here is the recap of what is going on at my YouTube Channel!

Here’s what you can find at Chaotic Order since the last Recap!


Everything conquered by Mannfred von Carstein is still not safe from the eyes of his enemies. Humans continue to venture through the marshes of the dead while both Dwarves and Orks descend from the mountains looking for revenge and easy pillaging from unguarded settlements. Check out the new parts of the Vampire Counts playthroughs and find how the cunning masters of the dead defend their territory at the same time as they conquer new one!

Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 10.





Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 11.


Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 12.




Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 13.



And with these four parts, the gameplay I had recorded is now all available at the channel. Soon I’ll record more, for even I miss to observe my dear horde of zombies and skeletons running around the field, tirelessly chasing the cowardly humans or simply trampling through the dwarven formations.


Having recorded the video while talking but not actually recording my voice nor my image, the following parts of the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine playthrough are more of a reaction to myself playing rather than me playing them in the first place. If that actually made any sense to you… Here are a couple of videos of the follow up of Geralt’s story in Toussaint!

Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – Pt.5

Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – Pt.6

Geralt’s adventure continues as perilous and epic as ever, as do continue the problems with my files regarding this series. I had a cyclic error on the next part and somehow I managed to recover most of it besides the first 30 seconds. I’m so grateful that it did not go to waste! More parts will soon follow, revealing the progress of Geralt’s hunt for the Beast of Toussaint!


As for the World of Warcraft content there are two videos! One with a lot more footage from 2v2 Arenas where I play as a Restoration Shaman with my friend Terwin, a Fury Warrior. There are some rage moments where I QQ a little but to be honest, I was around 60% equipped with conquest gear as was my friend too. So we were probably at some disadvantage against some of our adversaries but you can actually see that we still have a lot to learn…

On the other video I discuss about the nostalgia theme that constantly appears in the WoW forums and I too contribute with my opinion regarding the shutdown of the Nostalrius private Vanilla server as well as some input on how to make WoW better by following my tastes of course. A simple and honest opinion about the matter, purely intended for discussion.

Restoration Shaman – 2v2 Rated Arenas Pt.2

Nostalrius and the nostalgia issue around World of Warcraft.

First time that I address the public like this and hopefully the first of many. I enjoyed creating these videos and regarding World of Warcraft, there’s a lot to talk about. I did not forget about the Map Tours, I just need to carefully organize my timetable in order to do so because those videos take a lot more time to plan and record.

That’s it for this YouTube Channel Recap!

Have a nice week people!



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