A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.3 – Found a lost child, but where’s the mother?

So there I was, sat at my outpost around 4PM , watching the waves hitting the rocks from afar as the tide went lower and lower. Just some more minutes and I’d have a snack I thought. Everything was calm, despite the high flow of people that were at the beach. There was nothing for me to worry about while I was covering myself from the sun, in the shade of my parasol.

The tide was like this.

My watch was interrupted by a woman and a little girl that came by. The woman, holding the girl’s hand, said that she had found the child crying and that she was searching for her mother. Strange. Usually, it is the other way around. The parents or family come to me asking if I’d seen their children. Well, it wouldn’t be long before someone came around searching for their kid right?

So I went along with her to the beach next to mine while asking the child some questions to see if we could find where her family was stationed. She was clearly lost and I recognized her uncertainty of the area by the simple look of confusion imprinted on her face. When we arrived at the next Lifeguard’s outpost, my colleague recognized the girl and told me that she was from around there. So I left the girl with my colleague and she went around to take the girl. Problem solved I guessed… Wrong.

Another example of how the tide was, although there were a lot of people around.

On my way back, yet another woman came to me asking for help, a few meters ahead I could already see a woman in tears surrounded by some people that were trying to calm her. Presumably the mother of the missing child I thought. So I went to her, already trying to calm her saying that her child was alright and was near where she had left her things with the other Lifeguard. After hearing my reassurance, the woman fainted and the people around her holding her down. I lifted her legs and the woman who called me tried to wake her and asked some questions. Soon she recovered her senses and my colleague and the missing child came by. They hugged, the mother with tears running down through her face, everything seemed fine and I walked back since there was already too many people around. Then I made my way up a nearby rock so that I was able to watch my area.

My colleague and one common friend of ours remained there to help her since she seemed very fragile. On their way to the nearest bar (the one at the beach where I work), the woman fainted again and my friend alone held her with both arms and brought her up to the bar all by himself! (Cheers for Ruben!)

After a while, she regained her senses and everything was well. Later I discovered that the woman also had a baby of around twenty months and that she had asked a known person of hers to watch over the baby. What I didn’t understand was how the hell would you say to a 5 or 6-year-old kid that you would go to the water and you’d just leave them there? The child lost her way because she was searching for her mother.

In the end, when my colleague and friend along with the woman and child were going back to their beach, the woman called to a friend who in turn asked her with who she was with and she answered, “That blonde guy we talked about before…”. He was clearly surprised and even more so when she asked if she could get to know him better… I couldn’t stop laughing when he told me that! The heat really messes up your brain, or perhaps the woman was already messed up… Which would be a worse case.



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