Situation Point – 24th of July, 2016

Howdy guys! It seems to me like it was yesterday since I last added something here but it was already almost a week ago! My job as a lifeguard takes most of my daily energy and I’ve been focusing what little remains into my book and my YouTube channel.


I can say now that the following part of Enclave is now fully written and will now enter on the editing process! There’s some scenes that I noted down which need some fixing due to plot holes but the rest will be pure and simple editing and review! The last image is also being colored and should be completed soon enough. Cover reveal coming soon!

Also, it won’t pass of this week the task that I have at hand for reducing the size of Enclave – Creation to A5’s parameters. It will be boring but it will come in handy for the future price drop of the book in order to promote the newest one.

Sem Título

As for the YouTube channel I have a lot of stuff planned out and most of them take a lot of time to do as well as to render, which led me to the conclusion that doing a YouTube channel recap every week would be lacking material. Instead, I will be doing a recap every time there’s a distance of around five or more videos in between each recap, so that at least I have some diverse content to talk about in the blog entry.

It has been a while since I played anything just for the sake of playing but it’s not like I feel the need to do it. I’m really enjoying in making these videos and I’ll play according to the needs of the series that I’m currently uploading.

That’s it for now, I hope you have a great week ahead of you!



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