A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.2 – Hard to understand

Ei there! Today I was feeling like writing another entry on my Lifeguard’s Saga, mainly due to one of the main things that I have to do throughout the day. Not that it bothers me a lot but I wouldn’t be bothered by it if people could actually read or even analyze what’s around them.


So, as you can see by the cord extended in front of my outpost with the security belt at its end, the first thought that you have when you arrive at the beach wouldn’t be to settle down right next to it, much less right on top of it, correct? Well to some people it seems that area around the cord is the most blessed and convenient place on the whole beach. I don’t really know if their brain is on or off but come on folks, if you see a line coming from the Lifeguard’s outpost going down the beach towards the sea, don’t you think that I need that space cleared in case if something happens? Shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds to realize that fact…


The picture above was taken the day after Portugal won Euro2016. (What an emotion felt on the day before! Hurray for Portugal!) As you can see, there are some little tents that extend themselves in columns throughout the beach. Now, on those areas and in between them and the sea, it is forbidden to put up wind stoppers (barely translated from Portuguese) because they cover up the sight from the people on those tents as well as the lifeguards’ who can’t see past them when they’re at the outposts.

201403242016290.paravento 2
“Windshield” or “Windstopper”

Now, a lot of people are already used to the beach’s rules and they know where they can settle their windshield and parasol. Wouldn’t it be common sense to settle their windshields and parasols where the others are instead of where they aren’t? While in Rome, do as the Romans do right?  To some, not so much. And even after seeing the areas where every other windshield and parasol are, they still go ahead and plant their stuff right in front of the tents… Oh well… Gotta go there and tell them to take those down or to move to the appointed areas. Some people just don’t care, I’m quite sure of it. But then again, I never had anyone disobey me on that matter which at least tells me that they respect my advice.


This was just a little rant about one of the things that are most common for me to do while on duty. Could have been much worse than this, to be honest… And that’s it of what I wanted to get at with this entry. I hope you have a fantastic week! I’ll see you again back here, through fantasy and reality!


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