YouTube Channel Recap – 12th of July, 2016


Ei there! As you are all aware by now, I created a YouTube channel with the same name as the fictional Universe that I’m creating by writing the Enclave books. The content that I’ve been uploading into it proved to be numerous enough that I thought that it would be the best for me to create a recap post every week or so, indicating the videos that I’ve uploaded during the past week.

This week, at Chaotic Order:


The rise of Mannfred von Carstein continues. The Vampire Count will not cease his efforts to retake Sylvania as well as thwarting the advance of the Dwarfs and Orks from the mountains. Here are the videos uploaded this week regarding the progress of the Vampire Counts campaign in Total War: Warhammer.

Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 6.







Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 7.





Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 8.



Vampire Counts Campaign – Part 9.




The gameplay I recorded before buying the webcam is almost at an end. Soon you’ll be able to see my beautiful face alongside the battles of the Vampire Counts! The vampiric  corruption grows… And the dead raise from their graves…



This week related to World of Warcraft, I’ve uploaded two videos of PvP as I gear my shaman with honor gear in 2v2 skirmishes and then conquest gear in 2v2 rated arenas.

The first one was recorded without mic nor camera, it is just raw footage of the matches while the second video recorded the Skype call I was having with a friend of mine in Portuguese as well as my face on the video. These are important factors worth mentioning now because most of my footage that is being uploaded was recorded while I didn’t have a webcam… Here are the links to the videos:

Restoration Shaman – 2v2 Skirmishes







Restoration Shaman – 2v2 Rated Arenas


We’ll see if I can still make some more videos PvP related before the pre-expansion patch hits. I’d like to reach full conquest gear and see how I behaved with it…

Next on World of Warcraft, I have a Warcraft Map Tour in the making as well as some important issue to discuss with you guys. I’ll try to push this out before the 7.0 patch arrives so that I can also make some gameplay of the new quests and events that will arise with the pre-patch.

That was all for this week folks! Keep checking the blog for some more stuff. I’ve been working everyday without a day off, and it has been quite difficult to do everything that I did before I began working. But I’ll keep going nonetheless, although at a slower pace…

Have a nice week! Be kind!


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