Situation Point – 6th of July, 2016


Ei there people! It has been quite the evening with Portugal winning its match against Wales, thus marking its place on the final of the Euro 2016, currently being hosted in France. I’m not really a fan of football but I must say that I really enjoy watching our nation’s best even though they haven’t been playing very well until the last couple of games. Well now we’re on the final, and we’re about to discover tomorrow who Portugal will be placed against.

Sem Título

About the book, I’ve been writing the last bits of fighting sequences and I’ve only finished those today. There won’t be much happening after those sequences besides a wrap-up of the chapter as well as some hints of what is going to happen on Enclave’s third part. Six of the seven images that are going to appear throughout the second part are also completed. Only one remains! Everything is coming together. Slowly, but still at a foreseeable end. I believe I said in the previous post that I would be transforming Enclave – Creation to a more convenient page size this week, but I’ll have to postpone it for the next one and hopefully I’ll be done with it by the end of the next week. Soon I’ll begin to advertise it again with a promotion in sight so that I can get some more buzz around it with its renewed size, but as well as an alarm for the arrival of the second part.


As for my YouTube channel, I’ve been uploading some more new videos and I’m still planning the scrips for my next couple of videos related to World of Warcraft. There’s a video with Skirmishes on my Restoration Shaman while I geared him currently in the making. And sadly I must rewatch my next part of the Witcher 3 gameplay and basically do a react video because I recorded it while the camera was not recording… Even though the signal was turned on… One hour and forty minutes talking to the walls… Perhaps that one I’ll do even on this week. Friday looks like a good candidate. I believe that the content is being uploaded rather quickly despite the long time used in the rendering of the videos. What I’ll try to improve from now on is on the quality of the content. We’ll see what I can come up with.


Now related to the blog. I must say that my current work provides me with exceptional stories to share here under the Lifeguard’s Saga topic and I did not forget about it! I’ll just need a little bit more time to prepare the stories. I’ve been struggling with my free time now and how to properly use it better. I’ve been so used to have it all for me for so long, but now I think of things and I must write them down so that I can later develop them. It’s been exhausting to work as Lifeguard for so many hours without a day off. I’ll reach September completely burned out I’m sure of it. I’ll probably even wait a couple of weeks before diving into World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion. We’ll have to wait and see…

You can also check my social media links and follow me through them. Some are more specific them others related to my hobby or related to my personal life. Wish me luck and I in turn wish you a good week ahead of you! I hope to see you back soon here at Through Fantasy and Reality!



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