Situation Point – 27th of June, 2016

Hello people! It has been a couple of weeks since the last update on my activities. The Summer has definitely arrived here in Portugal and with the lack of lifeguards due to the costs of the course, I have been busy covering other lifeguards’ turns.

Sem Título

By the last hour of my turns, there are very few people still at the beach and I take advantage of that time to write a little. I was worried before that I wouldn’t have much content for the last chapter of Enclave’s second part but now that I’m passing what I wrote from my cellphone to the main file, there’s no motive to be worried. It will have the right amount of words, and the reader certainly won’t have the feeling that it ended too fast nor that I’m filling the chapter with unnecessary stuff.

Still related with the book, I’ve been commenting with my girlfriend about changing the current size of the pages and letters. Having read the book, she felt that the change would improve the book that is currently at the Kindle store. I’ve been testing the changes and at first sight, it seems to be a positive change and one that will be made before the second part is ready to hit the digital shelves.

As you can see in the post previous to this one, I began a new series of short stories related to my current seasonal job. I will add new entries throughout the summer as soon as something interesting happens. Just don’t expect too much action as we were used to see in the Baywatch TV series!


My YouTube channel ( is been updated quite often with new content. I have a ton of stuff to render and I’m still struggling with the process to create nice quality videos with the hardware that is in my possession. (Upgrading is not an option for now /sadface). At the moment I’m currently uploading the next part of my play-through of The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine and I’m planning the next render for the following part as well.

I’m also planning the next Warcraft Map Tour and a discussion video related to the whole Nostalrius/Vanilla/Nostalgia/WoW is crap now subject. So roughly estimating here, by the end of this week I’ll have the content ready to be rendered and perhaps next week it will be uploaded.


On a last note, I’ve been wanting to change the aspect of the blog for quite some time now. Having some areas to display the books that I’m currently writing/selling as well my YouTube channel. Time is much more limited now, but with the help of my girlfriend who is a programmer and understands code a lot better than me, I think I’ll still be able to change the aspect of the blog long before the end of the Summer to accommodate my needs and to be honest, this requires an upgrade. Not a huge one, but a fairly noticeable one, visually speaking.

Now, last but not least, June has been the month with the most views and visitors since the beginning of the blog! Only two days of June went by without visitors! Now this is something that is really growing. May had already been better than all the other months and now June has surpassed even May and the month hasn’t even ended yet. So I just wanted to leave here a BIG THANK YOU, for you avid readers of the blog and also an appreciation for the new or spontaneous ones. You’re all gorgeous and you make me happy!

That’s all I have to share! You can follow me on social media by clicking on the images below. Some of them represent me as the Author and some others represent the Chaotic Order and the Through Fantasy and Reality blog. Twitter and Instagram are more author oriented while the others are oriented towards my projects.




Have a great week guys and I’ll see you here next time, on our journey through fantasy and reality! Be fine!


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