A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep. I – Stubborn Old Lady

Ei there guys! So as most of you know, if you’re an avid reader of this blog, I’m currently working as a Lifeguard in the summer.


It is my fourth season as a Lifeguard, and in every season I get to experience some interesting events, either with people or with environmental occurrences. I believe that these experiences will provide some content worth to be shared here in the blog as well as providing me with something to write about, besides the book which I now solely write while I’m at the beach or the content for my YouTube channel, which is entirely different from the content of the blog.

So this week, or at least most of it, has been a week of a full moon. If you don’t know, the moon does interfere with the tides of the sea. When on weeks of a full moon, the tides rise and descend more than usual and most of the times the sea is turbulent with dangerous waves.

Anyhow, today, in 22th of June of 2016, I was working a full turn (10 hours) and I saw the tide at its lowest point and also at its highest. At the beach that I’m stationed, the rocks block most of the waves at the lowest point, up to two-thirds of the full tide change. When the tide rises above them, however, the story is entirely different. Waves continue on their way, surpassing the rocks that blocked their path previously, thus ending its course on the sand from the shoreline.

At a distance, on a point where the beach is supposedly not watched by lifeguards, a woman with her fifties on her back, remained close to the area where the waves collided with the shoreline, barely withstanding their advance and to my comprehension, with poor physical condition to rise up, should the waves knock her down.

After a couple of minutes witnessing her stubbornness, I decided to go to the area without a stationed lifeguard to warn the woman of the danger that in my eyes, she was surely luring upon herself. I greeted the woman and asked if she didn’t think that she was risking herself on that location, to which she replied with a simple “not really”. Woman. You were barely holding yourself standing after getting hit by the waves and now you’re going for the “I’m strong” response? Sure. Let’s go with it. I warned her, that should she fall on her knees even, its a couple of seconds to get sucked in by the sea and beyond that point, you’re on the clock. Even more worrying if you’re a middle-aged woman without (in my opinion) any physical aptitude for swimming in such a dangerous environment. Let’s be honest, she was fat. The security belt I have as a saving method isn’t large enough to go around her…

Cinto Salvamento

After warning her of the consequences and of the late response to the rescue should the woman be swallowed by the sea, due to my stationed position, I left her with an “I just want you to be careful”. Then I returned to my assigned beach and once I was there, I looked back only to witness that the woman was already gone from the shoreline, thus taking my advice regarding the matter. Thankfully she was not swept by the waves (it was my first thought) because if she had, I’d probably need some extra help… Like the help of a boat.

I mean, is it really hard to notice your self-preservation instinct? For some people, perhaps it is.



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