Warcraft Movie – Honest Fan Opinion

All right this is still fresh in my memory so I must say that from the point of view from an avid World of Warcraft player who knows a significant part of the Lore behind it, the Warcraft movie looks great but there are also things that needed some improvements or were changed to fit into the story to be told in the movie.


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First, from a Lore point of view and be warned SPOILERS ahead, there are some points that were adjusted so that they could fit into the movie. Here are the major ones:

The Dark Portal

The Dark Portal required souls in order to function. While this checks out with the recent expansion as the players witness in the introduction of Warlords of Draenor, we will see that in the future if a sequel is made (I do hope so!) the plot will have to take some twists because in the beginning the Dark Portal simply functioned without a fuel and people could go in and out as much as they pleased.

The Assassination of King Llane

Garona kills King Llane yes, but not at the Dark Portal. When Stormwind is besieged, Garona betrays King Llane because she was being controlled by Gul’dan, ending up in killing him and demoralizing the defenders.

Orgrim Doomhammer – Game vs Movie

Orgrim Doomhammer is not a Frostwolf! He is from the Blackrock clan, the same one as Blackhand. He was the second in command, next to Blackhand the Destroyer, but in the Lore, he betrayed and murdered him because Blackhand was a puppet of Gul’dan. He then took control of the Horde and initiated the second war. In the movie, Orgrim betrays Durotan by denouncing the meeting of the Frostwolf clan with the humans but quickly regrets after witnessing the consequences of using Fel magic. In the end, it seemed to me that Orgrim will lead the Horde anyway.

Garona and Medivh

Medivh seems to have died without a chance to love Garona, preventing Med’an from being born. (There are rumors which say that Med’an is not even CANON but there aren’t any official confirmations as it seems)

Khadgar’s old model in World of Warcraft

After cleansing the Fel energy pool in Karazhan, Khadgar’s body aged dramatically in its appearance only, such an effect did not occur in the movie. But it is still possible to happen in the sequel.

Draka and Durotan

Durotan and Draka were killed together by the spies of Gul’dan’s organization known as the Shadow Council (which is not mentioned or shown at all in the movie if I’m not mistaken). I believe they send Go’el into a river and then they fought against many orcs which were following the couple, who ultimately perished against them. In the movie, however, Durotan is betrayed by Orgrim which later comes back to his senses and frees his comrade. Durotan then announces his will for a Mak’Gora against Gul’Dan. It is traditionally, a duel to the death where Durotan perishes because Gul’Dan cheated by using his Fel magic. As for Draka she manages to escape the camp but when the Orcs chasing her came too close, she abandoned her son, sending him down the stream. She was confronted by an Orc and even killed him by biting his neck. At the same time, however, that Orc stabbed her in the belly, thus ending her life after a couple of seconds after.

An exodus (not affiliated with Warcraft)

At the end of Warcraft I, King Llane is dead and Lothar rallies the survivors north across the sea, looking for help from the kingdoms there to fight the horde back since Stormwind was sacked after the murder of their kind. Although the movie doesn’t reach that point, it will probably be the first thing they do in the sequel.

I must say that to tell all of the story of the first game in JUST TWO HOURS, is just an amazing feat by itself. To tell that story from two different points of view is also another amazing feat that just made my mind go boom! The language barrier is a thing!

In my opinion, I think that the human characters needed some more development and some more screen time as well so that they could show a little more of interaction in between each other. A little more detail about the Orcs raiding the villages would also cause the viewer to hate the atrocities that the Horde was committing. But then again this falls under the “we have two hours to tell this story” category.

The scene in the end where the King is killed by Garona could have been faster, she took too much time to kill him right in front of Blackhand. Would have been better if she stabbed him quick and then the dramatic slow motion would have been more proper in my opinion.

The Orcs were all amazing! No exceptions here! Good to see Grommash and Kargath as well, despite their lack of relevance to the story in this first film. Several Orcs had traits from the clans like the Laughing Skull had drawings of skulls on their faces or even wearing actual skulls as masks. I didn’t find any Shattered Hand, but perhaps on a second time watching the movie I’ll notice one!

The costumes and the environments were phenomenal! Everything was carefully created within a certain degree of fidelity to the zones, weapons, and armor that we can find in the game.

Magic is abundant here and we see a nice variety of it! From portals to arcane missiles. From drain souls to fireballs. Now I know why Deadwind Pass became the way it is in the game! Oh and the Polymorph obviously referenced by the mechanics that it has in the game… Just lovely really.




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TLDR: If you have played Warcraft or World of Warcraft, you’ll clearly enjoy this movie. If you haven’t you may feel a little lost because let’s face it, they’re compressing at least ten hours minimum into a movie of just two. There are some names that you simply don’t associate with as to what they do or what they are, but even if you don’t know, you’ll eventually become acquainted with who they are and what they represent. The movie has fantastic animation and a lot of action scenes that are simply fantastic to watch.

If you read all of this nerdgasm and finally reached this line, go see the movie if you haven’t! I want my sequel you read me?! MY SEQUEL! I want Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Gnomes and High Elves all there in Warcraft 2! Also, I’ll be waiting for the extended version of the movie because I believe that there were many scenes which got cut and that they would fill the gaps that are clearly there, but because of monetary investments or whatever reason it was, they weren’t placed in the final cut of the movie. GO. WATCH. IT.




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