Situation Point – 6th of June, 2016

Hello there!

Been a while since I posted here but that does not mean that I’ve not been extremely busy. I’ve been devising an intro for my YouTube channel, as well as recording and rendering gameplays of the games that I mentioned on the previous post. I have some interesting stuff coming onto the channel. Once some more videos are uploaded I’ll begin to share them all over the social media, which I have created as well. Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ were the ones that I added. Having created those virtual addresses, perhaps I should make a virtual card just for these, something like a banner you know? Like the ones people use in forums. Here is the main idea of the logo and a frame of the introduction video my YouTube channel.

Chaotic Order

The font used was created by Kai Damian Matthiesen, it is an impressive high quality work which corresponds very well to my idea between light and dark, chaos and order.

Now onto my writing activities and the progress of Enclave’s second part. Yesterday I contacted my environment illustrator and set up the batch for the second part, having created and finished the document that points what I want the images to be. So even in this week, the process to create those images will begin.

As for the writing itself, it is going slowly but its solid. I don’t think I’ll have to edit so much as I did with Enclave – Creation, although I can only do prognostics after the completion of the book…

So yea, I think this is all for now. Keep checking the place for more details for the following part of Enclave and for the content that I’ll be uploading into YouTube very soon!

Have a great a day and I’ll see you soon here.



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