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Hello there! I saved the book blitz from Enclave – Creation that was hosted previously at so that the interview wouldn’t be lost, since a Book Blitz is something temporary. Go check their site, they have some cool reviews and events posted there!

Its been almost a month since the Book Blitz, so now I’ll post it here definitely so that everyone may read what the book is about. The inspiration for some of the characters, their motives, what surrounds them and so on… Hope you like it if you haven’t seen it yet!

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In the earliest stage of the Universe, a sentient and powerful race found itself trapped within the confines of civil war. While countless factions were formed and thoroughly vanquished, other individuals sought to remain neutral and pursue their own objectives in the current dimension without taking sides. Sooner or later however, everyone had to face the same question, to either oppose or to submit.

The story begins with Aurindor, a brave and joust warrior who wanders the immensity of the expanding universe seeking to help the oppressed and to bring justice to the perpetrators of condemnable acts. In a similar situation like so many others that happened before, Aurindor will end up meeting one of his kind willing to join him in the quest for justice. He had no idea however, that such an encounter would then trigger many other adventures later on.


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Author Interview

  1. Introduce us to your main character.

Aurindor is his name, he is a warrior covered in gold who belongs to an ancient race which already existed before the beginning of the universe. After a needed evolution to adapt to this new environment, Aurindor adopted a humanoid form like most of his kind.

Soon after the birth of the universe as we know it, Aurindor’s race entered in a civil war, causing thousands of casualties right at its starting point.

There were several factions formed in the civil war that would later be known as the Culling, but Aurindor did not choose any of them. He opted to help those who did not choose any sides instead, thus remaining true to the peaceful ways of the old society. Although he would soon find out, that there was no other way to save the innocent besides permanently ending the lives of their assaulters. Only after eliminating them, Aurindor could be sure that the peaceful ones would live. At least without the threat of the ones that he had killed.

  1. Was there a real-life inspiration to him/her?

Yes, the actor Andy Whitfield, who played Spartacus for the TV series with the same name. At the time that I was following the series, it shocked me to know that such a young and talented actor had fallen victim to cancer. Some years later, when looking for inspiration for this character, I remembered how similar Andy’s role in Spartacus was with how I wanted to portray Aurindor and so I decided to base most of his attributes into what I remembered from his performance in the show.

  1. Tell us about the villain.

There are many villains in the story that Enclave will tell, but in its first part, Creation, the main villain only appears briefly. His name is Aaptorium and he has a plan to undo everything that happened ever since the universe began to expand. Besides having absorbed countless of his kind into his own body, thus adding their strength to his own, Aaptorium commands many others into doing his bidding. It will only be a matter of time until he becomes aware of Aurindor’s existence, either directly or indirectly.

  1. Was there a real-life inspiration to him/her?

There isn’t a singular entity from which I took inspiration to create Aaptorium’s personality. I think I could say that he is the embodiment of someone who doesn’t like change, not in himself and not in anything that surrounds him. Since he absorbed so many of his kind, he has this constant battle going on inside of his mind with his victims fighting back for control. A battle that is taking a significant toll on his sanity, but still a battle where he did not lose an inch of his identity yet.

For a physical appearance, Aaptorium reminded me of Green Goblin from the first Spiderman movie of 2002. William Dafoe played the role for that villain and I believe that it was a fantastic performance since it came to my mind about fourteen years later. Even so only Aaptorium’s facial expression is similar to the magnificent actor of the Green Goblin.

  1. Tell us about the world you’ve created.

As you have probably guessed by now, the scale of the beings transcends their bonds to a singular planet. In Enclave – Creation, the characters will travel across four distinct worlds, primeval ones, since the action happens a little after the beginning of the universe as we know it. There is still missing a lot of time for life to flourish on those worlds, so the reader will experience them as vast landscapes devoid of life.

  1. What genre are your books and what draws you to that genre?

Fantasy. I’ve always enjoyed to see magic and other sentient races in TV shows and games. What draws me to fantasy is that normally it portrays modern problems which are then solved by the rules set in the fantasy world in question. The same can be told about Enclave – Creation and its following parts.

  1. Which actor/actress would you like to see play the lead character(s) from your book?

Every character was based on the physical attributes of an actor at the very least. So every one of the characters has an answer. A better question would be, once you have read the book, which actors do you think that I based my characters on? Perhaps I can make a give-away in the future based on exactly that. Whoever correctly guesses the actors behind one character will get the next installment for free. Could be cool right?

  1. What was the hardest thing about writing this book?  The easiest?

The hardest thing was keeping track with the combat choreography. I had to stand up and imitate as best as I could so that I wouldn’t get lost while describing it as well as to make sure of what I was telling was physically correct through our own anatomy.

As for the easiest, probably describing the environments. It just comes naturally to me, as to what should be there and what shouldn’t. Since there is little to no architecture at all in the scenarios of the story, there aren’t any complex figures that need to be described. Something that will change once Enclave is finished.

  1. Did (DO) you intend to become an author, or did you have a specific purpose for writing this book or, Is this a single, specific purpose book?

Actually, when I began to write this story it was because I was involved in the development of a small indie game and I was tasked with creating some backstory for it. Although the game was rushed to be published and most of what I wrote was left without use, I continued to write and developing some ideas of what I already had in mind.

I believe that I intended to become an author, because of the story that I want to share and not as a profession itself. Not that I wouldn’t like to.

  1. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I really liked to set the boundaries of what is possible and what is not. As well as giving my characters different abilities and personalities. The scenes then practically resolve themselves automatically inside of my head based on the environments that my characters visit and the situations they find themselves into.

  1. Did you do any research for this book? On what and how?

Yes I did. It was mostly related to the laws of physics and the elements of the periodic table. The “magical” abilities that the characters possess in Enclave – Creation are based on the individual elements found there. Besides searching for an adequate element for a character I also had to search the various uses of said element for further development of the character’s utility set. Everything found through my dear friend Google.

About the Author


Besides being a lifeguard, a waiter and mostly a student, Rafael wasted countless hours of his life time playing video games as well as watching movies, series and anime.

When presented with the opportunity to create some backstory for a very small indie game, Rafael took his chance to put so many of his hours wasted to good use. Little did he know that in doing so would awake a passion for writing fantasy adventures.

After finishing his studies, he helped his mother at a local business, where he would write when the flow of clients was low. After finishing the main idea of the story, around 700 pages he had to go back and rewrite, edit and review the entire project. He stopped working on the bar of his mother to focus entirely on this but in the end, Enclave – Creation proved to be an ambitious piece of work and he decided to release it in parts instead of the whole thing.

As of now, he is currently working on the following part, as well as training to be a lifeguard for the coming summer.

And so it ends the Book Blitz. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this, and that hopefully it will lead you to buy my book! Have a great day!

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