How to read a book through Kindle.

Ei there!

So there has been a lot of questions about how to download the book and read it, since to many of you, reading a book through a digital device is something entirely new.

So instead of answering the same thing over and over again, I thought about doing a short tutorial on how to get your hands on the goods to set you up reading what you want, in the device that you want. It’s simple, trust me.

All right, first you need to have either a credit card or a simple bank account that may be turned into a temporary Visa or a MasterCard.

Here in Portugal, if you don’t have a credit card you can go to an ATM (cash machine) and acquire your access details to through that machine, which will then allow you to purchase online through the creation of digital visa cards that may be used only once or multiple times, depending of the quantity and option that you choose when creating the virtual visa card.

With your resources set, now you need to register at one of the amazon sites. Let’s take the for example. Here’s the link for you to register there:

It must have sent you an email to confirm the account, go to your email and confirm it, then you should be logged in into their store. Now, search for my book Enclave – Creation and click on to buy it. At the time of this post, it costs 3,68$ with the taxes from there included, that should be around 3,20€ but is subject to change as the ratios change every day. Please have that fact in mind when creating the virtual visa card to purchase the book. To avoid any confusion, you’d better create one card containing 5€, it will only subtract the amount of the book to it and also making the card unusable if you opt for a single use card.

By now, if you followed all the steps, you should already be in possession of the book, which I’ll know enunciate how to read it. Amazon uses its own application to read the books it sells and it goes by the name of Kindle. It is available to all platforms for Windows, iOS and Android, so if you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can read my book in there as well.

For Windows:

For Android:

For iOS:

You can have kindle synchronized with every device you have and it allows you to keep the progress of your books if you change in between devices. Besides, the application allows you to download all of the book you previously bought, even if you just installed the application in a newer tablet or smartphone.

After installing the application on the desired device, you must only open the application, insert the details of your account and download the book that you bought previously, which will be shown right after you log in.

I believe I clarified some points for people who are new to reading in digital devices. If you still have any question, leave me a message that I’ll surely reply back.

See you soon!


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