Situation Point – 26th of April, 2016

Hello! It seems Spring is here and as such, my allergies and fever came around to present their respects to me.

It has been a slow couple of weeks to me, regarding my writing project. Perhaps I’m a little demotivated because of the current results of Enclave – Creation. Well this kind of things take time for any of the two paths, failure or success. In any case I shouldn’t let it bother me.

For now I’m also training and studying to retake my lifeguard license which has a validation of three years, in order to work at the summer and make some money to then invest on the next projects.

Currently I’m sick, but I created a timetable to help me organize my time better which should now be easy to manage. I have also made time to focus on the blog a little more, so let’s see what things I can come up with to share in here.

The second part of Enclave now has 94 pages and 47 thousand words. With the timetable to follow, perhaps I’ll be able to finish the story part before I begin to work. We’ll see about the drawings this time.

See you later!


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