Situation Point – 19th of March, 2016


So yesterday I (finally) sent all the material needed to register the first part. Let’s hope everything is in accord so that it is approved and I can move to the next step, which is to send the project to Amazon so that it can be reviewed by them as well, in order to see if the project fits their standards.

As you can imagine, this is a book and there isn’t much I can do to catch the eyes of my target audience in what is related to visual content besides text and visual images of the book, which are very few. No point in revealing all of them here or the fun in reading the book would be spoiled although in a minimal level.

In any case, since I’ll soon publish my own work, I’ll also need to advertise the product in as many ways as I can and with that in mind I’m working on something very cool! But I’m still learning how to do it properly… Next week I’ll share a small demonstration of what I’m creating and I’m sure it will amaze your eyes, even if only by a little!

Keep your eyes out for some more news! Have a nice weekend!


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