The background – A brief description of what you can expect on my future book.

Ei there! So just as the title says, in this post I’m sharing the back ground story for my book. Hope it teases you a little bit!

“In the earliest stage of the Universe, a sentient and powerful race found itself trapped within the confines of civil war. While countless factions were formed and thoroughly vanquished, other individuals sought to remain neutral and pursue their own objectives in the current dimension without taking sides. Sooner or later however, everyone had to face the same question, to either oppose or to submit.

Enclave is the first title in the universe related to Chaotic Order. It briefly explains the events that had passed before its beginning as well as setting the first story in the series. The story begins with Aurindor, a brave and joust warrior who wanders the immensity of the expanding universe seeking to help the oppressed and to bring justice to the perpetrators of condemnable acts. In a similar situation like so many others that happened before, Aurindor will end up meeting one of his kind willing to join him in the quest for justice. He had no idea however, that such an encounter would then trigger many other adventures later on.”

And for a bonus…


Meet Aurindor! Our joust warrior and one of the sixth main characters of the story.

That’s all I can share for now. I can’t reveal too much otherwise the first chapter won’t serve its purpose… Stay tuned for more and also I don’t think that I’ve shared the Facebook page here so here it is, give me a like if you’re interested in hearing news about this project!
See you soon!




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