The Origin – Why I began to write.

Like many of you, I grew up in an environment surrounded by video games, cartoons and anime. As the years went by, the stories grew more complex and appealing as well as the powers or abilities used in them. Both games and series of fiction captivated me with their interesting plots about adventure, friendship, romances and wars. In the year of 2013 I was involved in a project that consisted in developing a mobile game. I assisted in its testing and in very small tasks as well as creating some pieces of story for it. While the game did not achieve what was expected of it, I continued to create the story that was meant for it and molded it into what it is today.

At the very beginning, I had an idea of a civilization that struggled to evolve because of various feuds and climacteric hardships and the main goal was for that same civilization to achieve a state of utopia. But then I thought a little more and imagined, what if I went back?

At first I thought that it would be cool to create beings that would later be treated and worshiped as gods by that same civilization. But more interesting than that would be to tell how those beings ever came to be and how they are intertwined with the civilization that worships them.

With that in mind, I went all the way back, to one of the theories of how our Universe was originated and started from there. There is yet another reason as to why I went back in the theme that I wanted to write first.

I’ve always found it somewhat hard to keep track of events that are told in the past from the present’s point of view. So I decided to keep my projects chronologically correct in the order that they are released. Sure there can be some brief flashbacks to tell the story of a character that was not very relevant before and even so, it’s a case that’s not entirely decided yet.

I feel like I deviated from the main topic, the paragraph above meant to tell why I actually went back in time to write the current piece that I’m working on so that I won’t need to go back and explain it after. That way, the reader will feel that the action is always going forward instead of sometimes going back, then forward or even stop in time entirely.

Everything written above led to this title that I’m currently working on. Soon I’ll release the back cover text of the book. It will be a follow up of this publication since it will reveal the background where the action takes place.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Stay tuned for more!

See you next time!

PS: I’ve created yet another category with the name of Chaotic Order, which will contain posts about the book. The Situation Point category will only be used to keep track of the development of the project.


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