Situation Point – 23rd of February, 2016

Hi there!

So everything is going as previously planned! Hurray!

I’ve got everything needed for the first part of the book to be launched.

Six fully drawn humanoid characters, plus a head and neck of another character so that makes it 6,2? (I know what you’re probably thinking but that’s not exactly the reason!)

Four environments that portray important scenarios of the book.

A cover for the book.

Currently I’m reviewing the material of the first part one last time before I registering the content under my name so that I can actually publish it.

There is also one slight problem or complication. The characters were drawn by physical means and they are in the size of A2 paper. I took some pictures of them using a decent camera but some of them weren’t that great. So for now I need access to a scanner that will allow me to send those images to the digital world in the best way possible so that the quality of them isn’t compromised. I made a quick search in the area that I live in but no results were found. As it seems to me now, I’ll have to widen my search parameters to get what I need. Still not that much of a problem right now.

For now I’ll just focus on reviewing the material I have for the first part which I’ll hopefully be done with by the end of this week.

See you guys soon, hope you have a fantastic winter week or a summer one, depending where you live.





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