Situation Point – 2nd of February

Hello there!

So on the last weeks I have been searching for a freelancer capable of doing some illustration for the first part of my book. After some time spent talking and discussing with some individuals I was able to find the one who I think will be able to do the job.

So the environments needed for the first part are now four, one is already done and by this rhythm one week before the end of the month they will be ready. Their number was reduced because what I wanted to do with them isn’t possible to be properly done.

What I wanted was to have environments done and then place the characters which are drawn separately, above those environments. That way I could create some diversity by swapping characters with environments. Due to my lack of knowledge on the field, I was encouraged in not doing so, therefor reducing the number of environments needed for the first part to four. While discussing this, it came to my mind that I’d need a cover for each of the parts which still needs to be discussed later on once the environments pieces are completed.

The characters for the first part are also coming along the way. Current progress stands at 4,7/6. If everything goes well, one week before the end of February I will begin to review the first part for the second time, as well as adding the art that it will feature. With the art I will also be able to create a Facebook page for advertisement purposes as well as a creation of a small teaser to be published on YouTube with the same intent.

If everything goes well, perhaps by the end of month I will register the book and publish as soon as all legal details are in order. Let’s make it happen!

See you soon!



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