At night.

While I was typing on my keyboard like a madman for the last two paragraphs, it crossed my mind that lately I’ve been writing more past midnight than in any other time of the day.

It occurred to me that at this time of the day, everything is quiet and peaceful. Everyone in my house is sleeping, and there are no cars passing by even though I live in a rural area my room is located right near the street which is one of the two main streets of the town where I live as well as it makes the connection with the nearby towns.

The ease at which I’m able to write at this time is just amazing. There is nothing to distract me at all. It is just me, my headphones, electronic music from YouTube (musics with lyrics distract me) and my keyboard, properly prepared to be poked for some more time until I go to sleep.

There are no shores that need to be done, no father asking for help about something in his computer, girlfriend is asleep since her timetable is quite different than mine and most of my friends are either asleep or went out for the night. What I mean is, at this time I exist only for myself. Perhaps it is weird, but I feel an odd feeling of freedom when I think about it.

Anyway I felt I should share this kind of feeling and also to pause a little on what I was writing previously for the book, allowing me to reorganize some of my thoughts. Now I’ll get back to it! See you later.


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