Situation Point – 12th of January, 2016

Ei there! I hope the beginning of the year was pleasant to all of you and that you may achieve your goals, both old and new, in 2016.

I have been scouting the path ahead of me, relative to the publishing of my book and for now if I want to publish it via Kindle through Amazon, I must first finish the project before being able to register its copyrights and only then can I publish it on Amazon after they review it as a positive title to be published there.

My cousin is still drawing the characters, later this week I’ll probably have a whiff of the character that he is currently working on. Since it is taking so long for him to complete that task, I had to look for alternatives to get some environments of the book done. Luckily for me, there was someone who I already knew that was able to create that kind of art, I talked to him and he seemed interested about the project. He proposed to draw the first sketch to see if it was to my liking then we could agree on some points that I will later require of him. Fingers crossed so that we can work together!

I’m also working on a teaser for the book, where I’ll add voices to some lines from the first part in order to create a somewhat appealing video. Of course the voices are from amateurs but still I think I can deliver an average quality teaser. The script is already done, I just need to get some of my friends to voice some lines and of course, the art that is currently in process.

After a quick glance through my blog publications, I noticed that the Death chapter titles aren’t quite alluring, so I’ll be editing those titles with something more appropriate to lead the viewer to click on them. Also I’ll be changing the updates to Situation Points in categories, so that Random Rambling stays Random Rambling and updates related to my work on the book will be related to Situation Points.

I’m off for a little training session now, see you around!


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