Fear – Rose

The sun was setting in beyond the horizon. Within each passing moment, the light that illuminated the bathroom through a single window diminished until the night had finally settled in. Several lights were turned on some time after. The public illumination provided enough luminosity to see what was inside the bathroom.

From the perspective of someone entering the room, at the left, there is a bidet where its owner may wash the intimate area and feet with ease. A step forward from the door there is a black granite counter. At its middle, there is a lavatory where you can wash your hands. The water tap possesses a sensor that requires the user to pass the hands near it so that the water may flow. Along the black counter, there are countless hygiene products, ranging from shampoos, perfumes, body creams, hair softener and spray, a glass with a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a half a dozen different hair combs.

If you turn yourself to your right, you may see a curtain and beyond it, there is a bathtub. Near its tap and just below the shower there is a shampoo and a gel meant to wash the body as well as a razor.

In the opposite direction and about two steps away, there is the toilet and a small table with cleaning products to wash the floor and the toilet itself as well as some old cloths used in cleaning as well. After the toilet there is the single window of the room, with a small piece of sewn cloth, providing some privacy from someone who could look from the outside.

The light was turned on. A circular slim lamp on the ceiling and a spherical one by the side of the mirror above the counter provided enough light to see everything clearly in the bathroom. Indistinct chatter could be heard on the other side of the door until it was finally opened.

“Gosh, I’m late from work again. The things we must do to keep our jobs these days.” A slim woman in her early twenties entered the bathroom, holding her cell phone in her right hand, she was conducting a telephone call with a friend out loud, so that it wasn’t required to hold the machine near her ears.

“It’s the stupid state of this economy Rose.” A feminine voice spoke via the telephone. “Those politicians favor the grand companies in trade of having their pockets filled with green paper. Everyone else could rot for all they could care.”

The woman was named Rose and she placed the cell phone on the black counter and hurried to the toilet. She was graciously thin with curled raven hair that descended a little below her shoulders. Her big green eyes were often the cause of attention, but her light pink lips were the seal of perdition that would lead many men desiring to have her. After unzipping her pants, she pushed them down alongside with her black panties and sat on the toilet right away.

“Brrrr. It’s cold. Can’t wait for the spring to come.” Rose then reached for a roll of paper above the paper bin which was leaned against the black granite counter. “Well, people like us can only hope it gets better eventually.” The other female replied. After getting a piece of paper to clean herself after, liquid drops began to fall on the toilet’s water.

“Are you in the bathroom? Never mind. Anyway, let’s forget the environment in where we live for the moment. Are you still going to meet that guy you met online?” The female on the other side of the cell phone call sounded excited.

The sound of fluids colliding with each other ceased. Rose then reached her intimate area through her back and cleaned herself with some folded squares of hygienic paper. “He seems to be cute Martha, judging by his photos. Did I link you any? If he manages to keep me interested in him for the first date then maybe I’ll concede him a second.” The young woman then threw the used paper into the paper bin, stood up and pulled up her pants.

“No, you did not send me any. So are we up for the same old strategy? If around ten o’clock you don’t text me, should I call you about the familiar emergency or simply because your cat is on fire?”

Rose laughed while she fixed her pants. “You know I don’t have a cat. But a sister in need of a ride would be a better excuse.” After pressing the button to flush the water down the toilet, she then moved to the front of the counter and began to wash her hands.

“All right! Sister Martha has your back in the case that your date is a creep.” In between giggles, Martha confidently reassured her friend. Once Rose had washed her hands, she dried them with a towel that was above the counter.

“Thank you, Martha, I’ll be owning you a favor. Think about it later.” Rose then picked some of the creams and makeup that she had on the counter.

“I won’t forget about it girl.” A small beep was heard from the other side. “I have to go, something came up. We’ll talk later and remember, have fun!”

“I hope so. Don’t forget about me!” A sudden movement sound then came from Martha’s side.  “Don’t worry, I won’t. Bye bye!” Two beeps came from the cell phone, Martha had hung up the call.

“All right I think I have everything here. It is time to get decent.”

Her hands full of cosmetics, Rose then left the bathroom and turned off the lights in order to prepare herself for the date. With her attention turned to herself and with the television broadcasting a music channel, she failed to hear the pop of small bubbles coming from the toilet after she turned off the lights. They stopped just a couple of seconds later anyway.

She entered the bathroom once more after thirty minutes or so but only to pick up one comb, hairspray and perfume, leaving the room after grabbing what she needed. Around twenty minutes later Rose had left her apartment to attend a date with the man she had met online. Silence was predominant through Rose’s apartment for the next few hours. Only a couple of sounds from the traffic that passed nearby. Not even steps from the neighbors above or below could be heard.

It was already past nine in the night, when a big clash was heard, probably in the main door of the apartment. It was followed by some other sounds as if someone was leaned against it, constantly moving around its surface.

After a while, the sounds ceased and some mumbling took their place. A metal scratching against another gave away the attempt of someone to fit a key through the keyhole of the main door. The door opened, and someone entered. Judging by the sound of the steps it had to be more than one individual. Soon after the door was closed and yet another clash was heard, this time against one of the bathroom’s wall, but from the outside of it. Again, it seemed like someone was rubbing itself against the wall in the exterior of the bathroom, but this time those sounds went down in the priority of attention when heavy breathing and moans began to be noticeable.

There were a couple of taps on the wall of the bathroom before the light was turned on. A second later and the door opened. Rose had entered the room, wearing only a single purple dress and a bracelet on her left wrist, accompanied by a slightly taller man in a whirl of passion. He forced her against the lavatory and made her sit there, on the part closer to the bathtub, causing some of the shampoos and other hygiene products to fall down on the bathroom’s floor. It did not matter, both of them paid no mind to that small accident.

The man wasn’t particularly muscular, but it was clear that he practiced some kind of sport. Caucasian with short black hair which was slightly swept upwards. His eyes were brown and although his nose was long and straight, the dimension of his beard across his face took some of his nose’s attention away.

Rose crossed her legs around his waist and both exchanged kisses as if the world wouldn’t have a day after this one. Despite the single blue shirt that the man was wearing, he could very well feel Rose’s fingernails scratching his back up and down. Understanding that this should be the moment to lose the lower piece of his outfit, the man started to unbutton his jeans.

“Wait!” Rose leaned back a little and reached the man’s jeans, stopping him from putting his pants down. “Let me prepare myself.” She then looked at his eyes while biting her lower lip. The man stood quietly for the time that she took to zip up his pants. In the meanwhile both maintained eye contact, she was sure that he had shiver, but he quickly tried to misdirect the attention of that fact, while being unsuccessful at that.

“All right. Should I make myself comfortable in your bedroom then?” He continued to caress Rose by ravaging her neck, kissing and licking it. “Owww!” She smiled with pleasure, letting out a single moan unintentionally. To her, he could continue what he was doing. Foreplay was an interesting part for Rose and she wouldn’t deny any opportunity to receive it. She rubbed her hands across her lover’s back, kissing him once on the neck and then approached to his ear, whispering to him. “My room. Go to it.” She then softly pushed the male away from her with both of her hands on his chest. He did not offer any resistance. With a lustful smile on her face, Rose convinced the man to leave the bathroom so that she could freshen herself.

“I shall be waiting for you then.” The man walked backward, a little breathless from the turmoil that had just now calmed. He turned and closed the door on his way out of the bathroom. He stepped away from the entrance of the bathroom and wandered around the apartment until he found the bedroom. Now that the man had left Rose alone, she stood up from the lavatory’s counter and checked herself on the mirror. “Gosh, I’m a mess. I need to fix this.” She whispered.

In the lower part of the counter there was a small door, Rose crouched and opened it and inside there was a small suitcase containing essential makeup materials. Without further delay, she placed it above the counter, opened it and started to correct her appearance right away, first with a brush to correct the texture below her eyes, so that a couple of signals would stay out of sight.

After a while and still around her makeup, Rose heard bubbling coming from the toilet. At the first couple of seconds, she didn’t even notice it. The toilet was completely closed, hence her late reaction.

“What is going on there?” Rose placed the brush she was using on the counter and walked up to the toilet, opening its lid to see what was going on in there. At the moment that she lifted the toilet’s lid up, she thought to see a flimsy shadow scurrying to the drain. “I must be really touched by the wine, I’m already starting to see things. Hmmm… I wonder what is the cause of this bubbling…”

Without knowing what to do, she reached for the toilet’s tap and turned it around, closing the flow of the water and pulled down the toilet’s lid right after, without even confirming if the bubbling had ceased or not. After looking at the mirror one last time to reassure her look, Rose opened the small door in the lower part of the counter again, crouched a little and from the inside of it, she took a set of violet lace lingerie. Without wasting any more time, Rose undressed, sending her dress to one side and the current underwear she was wearing to the other. Concerned that she was already making her lover waiting too much, the young woman quickly dressed her special undergarments. She then left the bathroom, leaving the door slightly opened. Once the lights were turned off, she moved away from the bathroom and into the bedroom.

From the inside of the bathroom, it was still perceptible to hear Rose’s first phrase, heard from the corridor since she was leaning at the entrance to her bedroom. “So, are you ready for the ride of your life?” As the young and wild woman that she was, Rose teased the man, seducing him even more. His answer couldn’t be heard from the bathroom and soon after the door to her bedroom was closed. For the next hour, the squeaking of the bed frame, the thrusts of it hitting the adjacent wall and the frequent moans of pleasure accompanied by deep breaths were a constant in the vibrations of the air in Rose’s apartment and its immediate surroundings.

The night was then substituted for the morning and although the sun was at the opposite side of the window, the bathroom was at this point with enough luminosity to see properly inside.

Light footsteps approached and stopped near the bathroom’s door from the exterior of the room. For a moment, it was heard several faint clicks from the other side just before the door was opened. Wearing only a large white shirt, Rose entered the room with her cell phone in hand and closed the door. She placed it above the counter, at the left side of the lavatory and thus closer to the toilet, already dialing to her friend Martha from which it displayed a funny picture of her in the phone’s screen. The phone was calling and Rose seized the opportunity to pick up the shampoos and other things that were thrown off the black counter yesterday’s night.

“Strange. She uses to be available at this time of the day. Perhaps she went out to jog.”

Having finished ordering what was caused by an uncontrollable thirst for lust before, Rose then made her way to the toilet. Lifted its lid, turned around and pushed the bottom part of her special lingerie down just until it reached her knees. When her delicate skin touched the seat of the toilet, the cellphone stopped ringing and a voice came through from the other side.

“Hm. Hello?” Martha answered her friend’s call with a drowsy voice.

Rose looked at her phone and answered.

“Martha, were you asleep? I can call you later if you want.”

“No, no. Don’t hang up.” Understanding that it was Rose, Martha remembered right away about the encounter that her friend had last night, hence the sudden awakening of her interest.

“Were you out last night Martha? I thought I’d catch you in your jogging session otherwise I wouldn’t have called to wake you up.”

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, I’m eager to hear all about the enchanted encounter that I assume you had.” From the tone of her voice, Rose understood that Martha was indeed anxious to hear the news as it was usual in the friendship that the two shared.

“Oh well. What can I say? He is a dream, a true gentleman on the outside and a ferocious warrior while you get to know him better and in private…” Martha quickly deducted everything but she wasn’t really expecting Rose’s tone to be so enamored.

“Wow! Are you all right girl? Don’t you faint on me now! Love has really struck your head with a boulder.”

“Aww, Martha. I know I shouldn’t be. But it was such a pleasant surprise. I’ll give this one a try, he even left me a poem with an invitation.”

“A poem?! Don’t lose your head and marry this guy without telling me, Rose.” Martha was surely having fun in mocking her friend, her contained laughs denounced as much.

“Haha. Too soon Martha.”

“Was it? Hehe.” Both giggled a little.  “Why don’t we get coffee at the usual place so that you can tell me all the little details of your amazing night with this knight of yours?”

“Sounds good to me. Say, 8 o’clock?”

“Deal. I’ll see you there then. I still own my bed some hours of sleep.”

“All right, go back to sleep. Kisses.”

“Bye bye dear.”

The call was terminated by Martha, hence the two beeps played on Rose’s cellphone. Images from the previous night then filled Rose’s mind for a while, making her legs twist a little against each other. When the fervor diminished and the longing for that enigmatic man had calmed, she reminded that the water tap was closed and it would be required to be reopened in order flush the toilet. Her mind was clouded, distracted by the abrupt entrance of such a man in her life. His body, his face, and words were constantly revived on her thoughts through the memory that she had of him. This overflow of thoughts distracted Rose of the reason as to why she had closed the water tap in the first place. Without even considering, Rose turned a little and reached for the toilet’s water tap and rotated it, allowing the water to flow again.

She was now ready to perform her humanly needs of evacuation. Having a steady intestinal period, Rose had every morning the same ritual. Before she could expel the impurities, however, the water at the lowest point of the toilet began to bubble vigorously, it even seemed that it was boiling without the temperature at which it normally happens. It quickly came to Rose’s mind what she had forgotten. At that same moment, something had emerged from the water. Rose shivered and then moaned in pain while her pupils dilated themselves, a consequence of the sudden shock.

Although hurtful, it also seemed that the pain she was going through was being eased as the seconds passed by. She relaxed and leaned her back against the toilet in a rather uncomfortable position while two green and thin tentacles encircled her right leg, spreading towards the knee. Her life was vanishing away while the unknown entity attached itself to Rose’s body. From her pink and delicate lips came a single drop of blood that ran down until her small chin, ultimately falling on her lap.

It was already mid-day and Rose had not moved ever since whoever or whatever had got a hold of her. That was until a movement on her belly, a small shaking, had suddenly agitated her lifeless body. Something crawled from the inside of the girl’s body. A bulge, more or less of the size of her fist, was on its way to the top of her body. Somehow it passed through her throat without leaving any exterior damage, despite its size. It finally reached Rose’s head, where it allocated itself inside of her mouth and breathing channels.

In between her lips, it could be seen a very small sphere. An eye, glancing at every possible angle within the mouth of its host. Her lower jaw then closed that same gap. Her eyes, big and green, were already dried with a layer of dust on them. She blinked once and then a dozen times more. Tears ran down across her cheeks while the parasite adjusted the eyesight of Rose’s pupils. She then leaned forward and stood up, after giving one step forward, she stumbled on her underwear that had fallen to the level of the ankles and fell forward on the floor.

Still determining the senses, neurons, and tendons of its new host, the parasite took a long moment to completely adapt. By moving the legs up and down, Rose’s underwear was shoved away from containing her feet together. The young woman then lifted her torso and once she was on her knees she was able to stand up once more. She faced the door and then looked at its handle, trying to understand how it worked. After approaching her right hand to it, the parasite quickly deducted how the handle worked by just grabbing it. By rotating it to one side, which in this case was the right one, the being opened the door and left the bathroom.

Rose’s family and friends never saw her again.

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