Update of the holidays.

So the winter festivities are already upon us, but somehow I don’t feel the way I used to feel by this time of the year. Perhaps because my path hasn’t been laid out before me, hence the poor mood that I have been through. Giving up is not an option nevertheless, for now I must make sure that the path that I want to take is in the best possible conditions as possible if I am to take it, even if it means that I must clear it myself from holes or possible obstacles.

My mind has some ideas brewing within. Possible content for the blog and some interesting themes to talk about in order to exercise my writing as well. Perhaps a monthly subject of about three thousand words each. We’ll see how the first one goes in January.

The writing on my book goes slowly, I have not been feeling much incentive to go on when I already have the first part ready to publish if not for the lacking of the art. In anyway the second part of the book is already at thirty percent. For now it has one chapter which is still being finished. When I finish it perhaps that chapter will have around forty percent of the second part.

Still regarding the book, the TRADEMARK is ready! I wonder how people will react to it. In these pasts days I have been searching for options where to register my intellectual property. If I register it in my country, it will have a cost of 123€ to register the trademark and around 30€ to register the book. I’m worried though if it functions on the same way if I release the book by chapters or if I have to register the entire content of the book.

I still hope to publish some more before the year ends, so until then I wish you a good time with your loved ones in these following holidays. See you soon!



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