And December is here.

December. The most busy month of the year. Commerce flows despite the weakened economy in my country. Every shop tries to promote their articles so that they can sell as much as they can. January is a weak month in general.

Even though I don’t enjoy it that much, I’m always caught in the Christmas shopping frenzy. From the traffic itself to the agglomeration of people in the comercial areas. I also attend to some meals and events with friends and family with which I don’t get to spend the Christmas in order to keep in touch with them.

I attended to a Comic-Con this past weekend with a group of friends and I have to tell, what an absurd quantity of people. It was just so many. Waited in line for an hour and half. But once inside there, the space was huge. It was divided in four sections. Shopping area, gaming zone, food court and a half empty area which was the exit place of a huge auditorium. All in all it was a fun experience, I am undoubtedly bound to repeat it.

The dark side emerges once more to command the galaxy.

On another note, I have also bought a new computer along with the whole trilogy of The Witcher. Even though I should have started with the first one, I skipped ahead to the third and I must say, the game is so rich. No wonder it received the award of game of the present year. The language it contains, it is so diverse and distinct across the different layers of society and countries even. Then there’s the immense folklore found in the villages and cities of the game as well as deep and intriguing narratives of the main and secondary quests. The clothes are also very well designed, from the simplest rags of a beggar to the most exquisite silk threads that envelop a noble’s skin. Last but not least, the characters on the game are plenty and very different from one another, with different cultures, backgrounds, allegiances and purposes. This game also allows the player to romance some of the females after getting to know them well and asking / answering the right questions, which reminds me of Mass Effect (A sci-fi game trilogy in which I was completely addicted to until I beat it, somewhat alike to The Witcher). Resuming all this, I’m kind of (completely) addicted to The Witcher3 and all of its contents. I’m absorbing all of what it has to offer, taking ideas as well for my own projects.

A city in The Witcher3.

Now about my projects here in the blog as well as the progress on the book.

Death chapters are on hold for lack of content which is a good reason to be thankful.

I still have left one and a half session of Dungeons and Dragons to write about. Which equals to a total of about five hours to listen to the sound files I recorded while playing. The time it takes me to listen and then go back again and again to fully comprehend what is going on is what bores me about writing this series. We are a group of eight people without including the Dungeon Master, so there is a lot of cross talk pretty much all the time. I’ll pull myself to write the next segment which is in fact the most interesting one so far. We’ll see how I can adapt it through Rhogar’s point of view.

Last but not least, the trademark that I will be using from here on forward is almost complete, probably in this week I’ll be registering it already. It is a little simple and it is made by an amateur but it really fits my liking and I’m very pleased with what it looks already. The second part is at thirty percent give or take. Also, the progress of the characters has now advanced to 4 / 6. An optimistic date to publish the first part would be around the end of January I think. Let’s see if I can delay my search for a job until then to see the results.

Wish you all the best.


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