Death – Misfortune

Today, 17th of November, after lunch I turned my laptop on, ready to catch up on the news and to start my daily quota of writing.

I logged in on Facebook and after scrolling down for the first time, I saw a post from a guy of my age, saying his farewell to a friend that he had not the opportunity to give. His friend had passed away this morning.

Only after scrolling down further did I see, the amount of posts that were already there, each post with its own subject regarding the friend lost and the connection the publisher had with him. His friends were angry and sad, for the one that they lost so soon and for not being able to be there with him in the end.

It only occurred to me that this guy was the one involved in working accident a week before, where he had 75% of his body burned. I never really had contact with the guy, but many others I know were close friends with him. Close friends that have lost someone very important to them. It is not fair to pass away like this, but life isn’t fair, we just choose to think it should be.

May he rest in peace.



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