Friday 13th of November

Disregarding the traditional superstitions, I have left the time for a quick status update to Friday.

Death chapters are on hold until I get some more content. Again I know, not probably the most appropriate kind of content to be expecting but it will certainly come.

What I will be posting next week is the following part of my D&D series since I have a session on Saturday night. I’m pretty excited to see how things will turn out inside of Greenest keep.

On another note, I have already started to edit/rewrite the second part of my book. I have sent the first one to some friends so that I can get some feedback about it and currently that part is just waiting for its art. Once the art is done and I conclude a second review of it I will publish it. The problem is, there are still quite some pieces left. It goes like this:

Characters 3/6

Environments 0/5

Frames 0/6

Trademark 0/1 ( Currently in progress)

The process requires skill and time since the creation of the art is done without any digital support. Once my cousin gets the art done, I will improve it by using digital means so that it may be processed into the book itself. In the meanwhile I’m continuing the next parts of the book as well as researching future platforms to announce and sell it as well as finding the appropriate legal terms for it.

I hope you have been enjoying the content so far. Until next time!


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