Arrival at Greenest – Part I

The Sword Coast
The Sword Coast

Mardred and I were on a caravan, heading to Greenest. It had come to our knowledge that Dharva Scatterheart, the founder of Greenest who entitled herself as the Queen of the Greenfields, had information in one of her journals about the supernatural fire that had vanquished my home town.

There was plenty of people travelling with us, from all sorts of backgrounds, genders and races. It was around six in the afternoon and people were already doing the math if they were about to reach Greenest before nightfall. Everything seemed to be going well, when after traversing a hill, we saw a storm in the distance. The wind started to arise, the sky darkened and lightning was seen and then heard, coming from the direction where Greenest was. The people on the caravan began to worry that they would have to hurry. But then while we went on ahead, we noticed that the storm kept its place. It was located in Greenest.


The clouds which seemed to be grey were actually dark smoke coming from Greenest and the lightning to which we thought it was of natural origin, was in fact a distinct roar of something winged, blue and massive.

After a closer look upon that being, I determined that it was a dragon, a blue dragon which was attacking the town.

The caravan stops immediately once they are aware of the dragon. The chief gathers everyone around to discuss the situation. The idea he proposed was to hide behind a nearby hill and set up camp, an idea to which the majority gladly accepted. That way the dragon wouldn’t notice them and they would be relatively safe. However they could not stay there forever, and as such, the chief asked for volunteers to leave the caravan and to understand what is actually happening on the nearby town. I stepped forward and hit the ground with my wooden staff.

Rhogar: I have matters to which I must attend in Greenest. Matters whose integrity can be compromised because of the blue dragon’s attack. I will go.

Mardred Daewar
Mardred Daewar

As a paladin, Mardred helps people in need. Seeing a town under attack by a dragon was motive enough. Although I suspect she has other objectives in mind.

Mardred: I’ll accompany Rhogar as well.

The people around started to whisper right away. But even before anyone said anything more, a Half-Orc by the name of Holg Ramondo, placed his axe over the shoulder and started walking towards Greenest. Fool. He’ll get himself killed if he thinks that this is a simple confrontation he can face head on. Before he gets himself and even us in any trouble, I signaled Mardred with a glance of my eyes beneath my hood so that we get moving as well.

Eventually some other people had second thoughts about such a weird situation and followed us through the hills to Greenest. A Drow, two Half-Elfs one male and the other female, one High Elf and one Halfling. I’ve felt someone on the caravan to possess a certain affinity with magic. Now that same affinity was following us. I took special interest on the female High Elf since it seemed to me that she was the one who possessed such power.

From time to time the dragon appeared from above the clouds and smoke, discharging his breath upon the top of Greenest’s keep. Once we approached the city we noticed that the dragon was not very interested in what he was doing. An odd thing to contemplate which got me wondering about its real motive.

Before reaching the town, while we made our way there the High Elf suggested for a small introduction of ourselves. To which the Halfling suddenly burst in hysteria, saying that she had only offered herself to check on the situation and that she was not willing to save anyone from danger. The High Elf then calmed her before any more nonsense could come out of her mouth. It was then that the male Half Elf spoke, asking if the Halfling was a child. I wish that he hadn’t done so.

The Halfling raised her voice, assuring that she was already old and tall enough for this kind of situation. I’ll be honest, if I wasn’t among strangers, I’d have pulverized that little talking appetizer by now.

My patience was growing thin. I knocked with the back of my staff on the ground to get their attention. After a second of silence I introduced myself.

Rhogar: Greetings!

The Halfling greeted me back almost instantly, without giving me time to continue. I swear if I’m alone with her I’ll turn her into ash.

Rhogar: Arhm. I am Rhogar, Dragonborn Sorcerer.

Surprisingly the Half-Orc questioned me if I was related to the dragon attacking the keep or if I could talk with it in some way.


Holg: Aren’t you related in some way with the dragon above? Can’t you talk with him so that we may understand what is going on?

What a surprise. The Half-Orc isn’t that stupid at all.

Rhogar: No. My clan is of pureblood. I have nothing to do with the blues. I could try to talk with him, but I’m not willing to sacrifice myself or even all of you in case if the dragon attacks us. I have matters of the utmost importance to attend to in Greenest.

And once more, I was interrupted. The infuriating Halfling asked me a bunch of questions. If I could breathe fire or fly and even if my scales were worth a lot of money. I couldn’t control myself and I hit her on the head with my staff without much force, despite my will to do so.

Rhogar: My skills do not concern you Halfling.

The High Elf seemed interested on my objectives and asked if I could clarify my goals, to see if anyone in the group could help me. I explained.

Rhogar: The founder of this town possesses vital information in her journals which can somehow clarify some questions about my past. That is all.

Mardred who was silent up until this point, decided to present herself now.

Mardred: I’ve come to accompany Rhogar. My name is Mardred Daewar, I am from a noble clan of mountain dwarfs.

The male Half-Elf asked if Mardred was a child since she was so short and in doing so revealed his name.


Abal: Abal thinks about you as a child as well.

I raised the limits of my hood to better look at an ignorant being while making sure that he understood that time was of the essence by the heat that was being generated within my mouth. Mardred on the other hand did not took what he said as an insult and simply stated:

Mardred: I’ll let you know, that I already have a hundred and fifty years.

The Halfling could not resist the urge to draw attention to herself and asked if we were a couple. This time not even the others couldn’t stand her nonsense, the Half-Elf female declared to get this over with and that we should advance into the town while the High Elf explained that it should be better for us to know a little of each other before rushing in. The High Elf’s name was Caelynn.


Caelynn: I think we should present ourselves before we reach the town. My name is Caelyn, I’m a High Elf. I’m going to the town because my master has disappeared. I don’t know if is dead or alive or even kidnapped and I’d like to know if you ever heard the name Aramil.

The name sounded familiar, he is a renowned master of magic. But I haven’t met him in person.

The male Half-Elf declared that Aramil had entered on his tavern a long time ago but nothing that could actually help the High Elf to know where his whereabouts are.

The other Half-Elf had thrown away her shyness and said.


Zhiris: Since we have to work as a team, here’s my name. I am Zhiris.

She looked very pale. Her breathing was strange but she didn’t look ill or anything. Mardred commented that she doesn’t like Elfs and I remarked that she was indeed weird. Not my best behavior I know. Perhaps there was something else that pushed me into being doubtful. The Drow introduced herself right after, stating that her name was Melian.


Melian: I’m Melian, I have to go to Greenest but my reason is nothing of your concern. For those who can’t distinguish, I’m a Drow Ranger.

We then reached the outskirts of the town, the dragon continued to circle above the town, breathing with its lightning exclusively on the keep. Doing barely no damage since the keep was made of stone and his breath was of the electric attribute. It was only then, when we were near a house in the town’s limits, that the screams and cries of people were heard. The clash of metal was also a constant and the pillars of smoke raised high to the sky, probably from fires within the town. Greenest was being pillaged.

Noticing that he was before a battle, Holg the Half-Orc continued towards the town. Caelynn and Mardred were alarmed since splitting the group would only diminish our chances of survival. Showing her authoritarian side, Mardred shouted for the Half-Orc to return. Despite the various sounds coming from the town the Half-Orc heard her shout and returned to the group. Once there, Mardred slapped him and had put him over a leash so that he wouldn’t get away once more. In between much discussion, the group finally decided to journey inside the town to see what was actually happening. In order to not draw any attention to us, we decided to move behind the houses, parallel to the streets.


As we advanced behind the houses, we saw two little children hugged by a grown male and a woman holding a spear, preparing to defend herself against something that was advancing upon her. Melian climbed up to the nearest house and warned us of what was coming.

Melian: Kobolds are coming!


The Halfling said on an unimportant note that Kobolds eat people and that a few years back she saw a person getting eaten by a couple of them. When they arrived they pushed the woman back, knocking her against the house on the opposite side. The male retreated a little with his children. Five kobolds pushed the woman back, two others substantially stronger approached by the sides and another pair climbed at the houses in between their group. The Halfling shouted for the man to get inside one of the houses but he was too scared to even move. Since I’ve been with Mardred for a while I knew what she wanted to do at that time.

Rhogar: We should protect the children Mardred.

Mardred: Yes, we should position ourselves in between them and the kobolds to better protect the innocents.

Rhogar: Agreed.

Before anyone could even move, the Halfling shot an arrow at the closest Kobold but missed by a thread of hair. Mardred moved and positioned herself in between the children and the Kobolds as agreed before launching a javelin to the closest Kobold, hitting him right in the chest. The Kobold stepped back but did not drop dead surprisingly. He shouted and went charging to Mardred but he stumbled on his feet and fell on the ground. The javelin went right through him this time, instantly killing him.

Mardred: Serves you right fiend!

One of the Kobolds on the roof shot an arrow towards Holg but it lacked enough force to penetrate the impervious muscles of the Half-Orc. The other Kobold however, shot an arrow on my direction and before I even knew it, my thorax had been penetrated by the projectile, causing severe bleeding. One of the stronger Kobolds also shot an arrow towards Zhiris but she was fast enough to block the arrow’s path with her shield, therefor deflecting it. Caelynn picked on her long bow instead of using magic, I found it strange at first but when that arrow moved from that bow, it found its way almost magically right through one of Kobold’s eyes. He fell on his knees completely inanimate. Zhiris wielded her trident right in front of her and let out a fierce war cry before attacking the other Kobold, putting the lizard humanoid down for good with a swift strike on his belly. Melian prepared her bow and shot one of the Kobolds on the roof from her superior position. The arrow hit him in the chest and he dropped dead from the roof and onto the ground. Holg had two despicable enemies near him. He was so eager to separate their legs from their bodies that he swung his axe so hard that he lost the grip on his weapon.

Holg: No! Silvia!

The axe almost had hit the woman who was already so weary from protecting her children.

Holg: I’m sorry!

Holg turned his back on the enemy and went on to retrieve his weapon. But before the woman could actually answer he continued.

Holg: I’m sorry my dear Silvia, I won’t let go of you ever again.

Abal then chose to heal me since I’ve taken a significant hit before. The bleeding stopped and I felt a little of my strength to have returned. I bowed towards the Half-Elf male, showing my gratitude towards his kind action.

I then approached Mardred and focused the nearest Kobold. I tried to conjure a ray of frost but I failed to direct it. Only a brief cold wave was felt on my hands.

The woman then passed her supposed bodyguards and attacked the Kobold with a swing of her spear but without success. Her enemy evaded the attack. On a quick reflex the Halfling attacked the same Kobold that the woman assaulted before, and with a superior precision, the arrow she had launched had passed through his neck, making him drown in his own blood.

The dwarf Paladin moved forward and picked the bloodied javelin she had thrown before of the Kobold corpse she had previously killed and threw it over to a Kobold, hitting him in the leg and interrupting his focus while he was preparing to shoot an arrow.

Another Kobold then shot an arrow over to Abal, piercing him near the heart. By pure luck it had not passed through it but damaged him severely. Another arrow came flying towards Holg, hitting him in the abdomen despite the protection that Zhirris had cast upon him. One of the Kobolds attacked Holg but he was able to block the attack with the help of his axe Silvia. Zhirris didn’t have the same luck and withstood a sword slash from the other Kobold leaving her wounded. Caelynn casted a fire bolt but failed to hit her target. Melian then picked on another arrow and shot the Kobold who attacked Abal previously. The arrow passed right through its target’s head and after a second two jets of blood had burst from the ears of the monster. Abal kissed his hand and blew a kiss to Melian in gratitude. He then grabbed a dagger from his pocket and threw it in a curve, hitting a Kobold by the side of his head, knocking him dead as the blade perforates the skull.

Again I tried to invoke my magic to attack a Kobold near Holg but the magic did not obey my commands. I was starting to get pissed about this. The woman then shouted, clearing my thoughts of failure and drawing my attention to her.

Woman: For my sons I’ll do everything!

She attacked the nearest Kobold, piercing him through the chest, letting him to drop dead. Seeing that the other Kobolds were dead the remaining one on the roof was about to escape. The Halfling quickly shot an arrow but did not hit him in this moment of need. Mardred however answered the call to prevent the Kobold from running away, she ran forward and picked the javelin that had hit the Kobold on the knee, now dead. She threw the javelin with such a fierce force that it trespassed him entirely, setting him ready to burn on a stick. The Kobold fell from the roof in order to meet his death. The enemies were now vanquished and a lot of questions were now raised in the aftermath of the battle.

To be continued…


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  1. This is well described and I’ve enjoyed relive the play again and imagining everything again, every decision, every move and every atack made.
    Congrats, you’ve written a very nice post Rhogar Mastan.
    Best regards from your journey companion,
    Mardred Daewar

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