Death – Revisited

So as most of you know, yesterday was day of the dead or day of all saints like they called it on the country where I live.

It is a day where the living visit their dead relatives and friends in the cemetery. I’m not a religious person, but this is the only certain day of the year when I participate on something to do about with religion.

The ceremony of about one hour occurs in the cemetery, each family stands by their family’s grave. I think I use this day to make a general overview of what happened since the last. I saw many familiar faces, some of which had lost parents, brothers and even children and some others whom I thought wouldn’t even survive up to that day due to their health condition.

Many of the Death chapters I’ve wrote before were about people in there, directly or indirectly related to them.

The family just in front of where I was, were the parents from the young girl who died from a heart attack. I saw a childhood friend of mine at the middle of the cemetery and it was fast for my mind to remember who he had lost this year, his grandfather. Another friend who I saw, at the opposite corner of the cemetery from where I was, just had lost his grandmother, whose husband is an usual client back at the pub where I worked. One of the men carrying the flags at the end of the ceremony was the brother of that man who killed himself because he thought he had murdered his neighbor.

Some already knew that they were about to lose their loved ones due to their health condition while tragedy and misfortune would take care of surprising some others.

On this day, I also remember of everyone I have lost. And I make sure to remember every memory I have with them perfectly, so that they can continue to live within me until the day I join them.

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