Friday update!

All right so this week’s Death chapter will come a little late for two reasons.

1st reason: No one died related to my routine or the routine of others that has afflicted me. (Fortunately!)

2nd reason: Its day of the dead on Sunday, I think it is the only date that I go to church which at that time is celebrated on the cemetery. It is the day of the year that I am most connected with the feelings around death, so I will postpone this week’s Death chapter for the next week because I’ll have a lot more of juice to squeeze than the one I currently have.

On another note, I have finally reviewed my book and have already sent it to some friends so that they can read it and criticize it. What is more behind of schedule is the art of the book. A thing that I’ll try to solve either by searching for someone new or to somehow encourage my cousin to work faster.

That’s all for now. See you here next week!


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