Small update.

So how are you all doing? Great I hope.

I am now very close to finish the first part that will be published online. I think that I’ve already said before that I was close but now I’m much closer. As close as to the start of next week, I’ll be giving to some of my friends a version of my project that is near the final product in order for them to read, evaluate and to give their opinion of it to me so that I can perform the final changes and then publish it.

It will be free and I want to get as much critiques as possible so I can have a general idea on how its being received.

I have also been researching on how to register the name, trademarks, etc. And I can tell you, it isn’t all crystal clear. What was expecting anyway… I already have a name for the universe that I’m developing and a name for the book inside that same universe. For obvious reasons they won’t be revealed now.

There is also missing a proper idea for the cover of the book and a symbol for my universe, both of which are also at the top of the priority list.

This is everything for now. I’m hoping that the last time I update the blog I will have more progress on how the first part of the book is doing. (Fingers crossed).

Cya next time!


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