Death – The old widow

It was half an hour past noon when I woke up. After leaving my past job on the pub, my routine changed drastically and so did the timetable of my days.

It took me as much time to get out of bed as a sloth would take to walk five steps. Something was keeping my head down. Perhaps it was the absurd number of dreams that I had on the past night which now I don’t even remember. There’s worse ways to start the day.

I made my way to my secretary, turned my laptop on to check on facebook, my current source of news… While scrolling down I saw a couple of posts from two friends who were cousins, wishing for their grandmother to rest in peace. I never met the person in question, but I knew she was also the wife of a very nice client that usually passed by the pub where I worked.

On the day after, I had to work on the pub because the patron needed to do something in the morning and still didn’t have anyone to cover for her and I accepted since I didn’t have anything important to do. I slept even more horribly than the day before since I went to bed at four A.M. and woke up at seven A.M. After a shower, I made my way to the pub on foot and opened it at seven and forty five. I served the usual clients that already passed by when I was there and even a couple of new ones.

At around nine, the widower entered. The black cloths he was wearing denounced the mourning for his wife. Usually he greets everyone warmly, but on that day it obviously lacked its shine. The seventy seven year old man went to the counter placed his arms above it and asked for a coffee, but before I served him, I went to him on my side of the counter and placed my hand above it for a hand shake. He returned the handshake and I gave him my feelings about his loss. With sheer will alone, the man smiled. That smile however, showed me he had accepted the inevitability of death to him and to the others around him. And most importantly, that the time he had shared with his wife was invaluable.

May you have family or friends to support you in these hard times.

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