Death – Boiling Point

By the time I’m writing this, I had already left my job at the pub, but what I’m writing now passed by when I was working there.

It was in the middle of the afternoon that one of my clients received a rather alarming call. After hanging up, that client went to the game room and called his brother who was playing cards. They both left in a hurry and by the look on their faces, it was something serious.

Only a few hours later the news reached out to the pub. One of their brothers in law committed suicide after shooting his neighbor three times. This same person also happened to be the brother of a daily customer of the pub as well. In the next day, the brother passed by, already dressed in black. It seems that both individuals involved in the tragedy had arguments and discussions for over twenty years. The one who was shot was accused of nailing pieces of wood to the neighbors’ window and even of draining sewer waste into his backyard, beyond other provocations.

What is true or not, I don’t know. What I do know, is that the boiling point was reached and in an act where one lost his patience, he pulled out a gun and went over to the other and shot him three times. He was certain that he had killed the other, perhaps the thought of spending the rest of his life in prison was what lead him to point a gun to himself at his home. And in front of his wife, he pulled the trigger. The one who apparently caused all the problems had survived however. One of the bullets had just scratched his neck. Three weeks later the victim of the shooting was already in good health, walking around like nothing had happened.

Patience perhaps was not the answer on this case. Having good neighbors is a blessing.

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