Death – Vengeance

It has been a while since I have written on this theme. Not because death was absent, unfortunately. With my new job, it has been hard to attend to my vices and my writing hobby. But it doesn’t really matter if I don’t have time to lay back on my bed and start writing in the silence of the night from my rural area. It doesn’t matter because ideas aren’t really forgotten and for a big plus, you can think on them when you’re performing on my type of job.

Putting this small point aside, on this time the news had shown a notice of a quadruple homicide that shocked my country. It became even more real when I knew it had happened in the village of my girlfriend. This time I won’t refrain myself from commenting in specific detail since I don’t have any direct contact with the people involved but I’m also writing based on what I’ve read and listened, so what I write beyond this point is entirely based on the things that I have heard and read about this homicide.

Basically a family which worked in a pub, consisting of a son of 23 years old, his mother, grandfather and grandmother were killed in a shooting by the mother’s ex-husband. Supposedly, the son, who was not son of the shooter was collateral damage. His son of 16 which he had with the mother assisted everything and tried to stop him without success. The aim of the shooter was precise, each bullet was meant for a kill. After killing his ex-wife, her son and her mother he chased her father to which he was also able to kill. Now everyone shouted how a monster he is and that he should be thrown to the public so that justice could be done. First yes, his actions are unforgivable. But then one can only wonder, how much pressure can you put on an individual so that he is able to do such a thing?

Later I’ve found that he actually has 2 kids, the 16 year old boy and a 7 year old girl, both which the mother threatened to forbid his visits to them and also that his ex-father-in-law had revoked the rents that man had of several pavilions that were on his property (land-ownership but not the pavilions themselves) were delivered directed to him. To make matters worse he was already drowned in debt of other failed business (some were shady ones from what I have heard about).

Now I’m not here defending or accusing anyone. I’m trying to understand why. The thing is, if you corner one person under certain circumstances to the point where revenge is the only thing you have, well, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to press a person that far. Especially if you know that that person has gun training and licensed guns… But putting my opinion aside, what remains are two children with their families shattered beneath the ground and their father in jail for one of the most bloody crimes in my country. Imagine if the mother hadn’t ordered to forbid the visits of the father to their children alongside with a little more space from his ex-father-in-law? I’m not saying it was the right thing to do, but at least they would still be alive…


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