An update.

So I already failed to keep what I said on my previous post. Its been two weeks since I have not written anything here.

At least I’ve continued my projects and today I’m here to add yet another category to the blog. For now, I have the Death short stories and I’ll be introducing one about a current campaign which I will be playing with some friends on the universe of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

In the meanwhile I’m also at half of the 4th out of 5 parts of the first chapter of my book which will probably be launched digital only in the hopes of gathering the most fan base as possible. Did I tell you that the first chapter is going to be free?

Can’t wait for my cousin to finalize the drawings of the characters so that I can show them off a little!

Anyway for today I will post another Death chapter and I’ll give a heads up on my D&D adventure, featuring Rhogar Myastan, a red Dragonborn Sorcerer! ROAR! Hope I still have some inspiration left to continue the writing on my book today… T_T

Be well and continue to check on the blog!

PS: I must get a cool way to say “see you”. I’m probably not in the cool guys group… 😥


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