Part 1 is finished!

You might be wondering what part of what is exactly finished right?

So I still haven’t told you that I’m currently writing a book… Well, I’m telling you now!

This project started way back on January of 2014! I’ve been writing, planning and thinking about it ever since.

On this day I have finished the story line of the book and I can say that the first part of this project is finally complete.

For a brief explanation here’s the steps which I consider necessary to publish a book nowadays:

  1. Writing;
  2. Editing;
  3. Advertising;
  4. Publishing.

Part one is done. There’s not much more to add to the story of the book itself. Now comes the part where I correct what I wrote, like orthographic errors and phrase semantics. Also I’ll probably implement some corrections as to how I introduce some characters and the interactions they have with each other. For now, that’s what I feel it is needed.

For now that’s all I have to tell about this unnamed project. Once I have a certain number of updates about it I’ll share them here and perhaps I may interest some possible readers for my future book. (fingers crossed)

Have a nice day and if you’re following my Death short stories, check out its second chapter!


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