So it begins…

Just as a king from one of the greatests books ever written once said:

“So it begins…”

But instead of an epic battle where the forces of good and evil clash against each other in one of the most exciting fortresses ever created, this is where my battle begins…

In a blog.

I’ve finally decided to create a blog of my own where I can express most of my thoughts and some of my fictional or even non-fictional short stories.

Even though I have a college degree in computer science (or something of the like) I still find it rather boring to code and work around some software to build a decent blog so I’ve looked for an easy answer to my needs.

I’ll change the content of this blog from time to time as I go around and find something befitting my taste.

Also, on a rather bigger note than it should be, I’m writing in English even though it isn’t my first language. I’ve chosen English because it is spoken by far more people than my native language and for someone who was starting to write a fictional book I made a choice regarding its creation. The options were:

-Write in your own language and the content will appear naturally and more consistently but you will have less people that will read your works.

-Write in English and you will probably cater to more people but the content of your works will have less quality than if they were written your native language.

I’ve opted for the latter, we’ll see how it turns out.

Without further ado, I hereby declare the birth of this blog.

I hope you enjoy the future content and if you feel like it, comment it, give ideas, ask questions, insult me… Whatever you want to do, it’s the internet.


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