Death – Acknowledgement

Death Chapter 1

The first memory has a lot of gray in it. I was not myself yet back then, it seemed like a distant dream… Or nightmare from which it was difficult to remember. However with only the age of three I was inside a room, full of people so tall I could not even glance their faces. One of those people was holding my hand, a person with no face attached to it in my memory. The atmosphere was different from what I was used to. It could be felt that it was not a moment to be noisy or question anything. So many people in the room and yet no one made a sound. Silence reigned as all of them and myself included were looking to the person lying the bed.

From what it seemed, I was encouraged by the person holding my hand to deliver a gentle gesture to the person lying in the bed. I was not scared but when I was on my way to reach the person’s head, I looked at her feet who were uncovered by the bed’s sheets. I was surprised to see that her big toe was so much bigger than the other toes on both of her feet. Despite the surprise I moved on without stopping. I climbed above the bed and reached to the calmly face of the frail woman there and kissed her in the cheek. She was old yes, but I did not keep an image of her face in my memory. For me it was a simple gesture of love and tenderness for a person of whom I really did not know. I don’t recall if she had let a little smile or nothing at all, after doing what I was asked for I returned to the person who was holding my hand. Then, another child was taken to the old woman. This time the child was carried by one person, since the child was not yet able to walk or to reach the bed. After that, all of the other people from which I don’t remember their faces took a turn to go there and deliver a kind gesture to the woman lying in the bed. It was my great grandmother’s deathbed, her time had come to an end in 1993.

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